I can always find time in the day to talk about music; other topics, not as much. Living in New Jersey, it’s never a chore to find something happening, whether it’s a music festival, a recording studio, or just a regular concert. There is always an event happening that can spark someone’s interest. In addition, there are various musicians in the area who do additional things; take The Bouncing Souls. Ever year they have cool art, new merchandise, and tons of swag available for the public to purchase. Artists are creating more than one form of art, and we are seeing it now more than ever. That being said, I’d like to capitalize on this topic with a cool lifestyle brand that is taking over the local market as of late called Tiger Cuts. Heard of it? Either way, I am going to compact your brain with a brief history of it right about now.

Living in New Jersey, I am fairly confident you are aware of a little band named The Gaslight Anthem, and what a motivational impact they have on all of the musicians in this area. They are personally one of my favorite bands for so many reasons, especially when working so closely with this market. They are good to their fans and do what they love, while maintaining their originality in sound. However, today, here and now, this is about the brilliance of their bass player and friend, Alex Levine.

For a few years now, Alex has been working on a new barbershop culture-inspired lifestyle and clothing brand called Tiger Cuts. This idea all spurred with a few friends of his in a combined effort of their passion of “clean cuts and classic designs.” I remember sitting down with Alex when this project first left the gates, and it’s amazing to see how far the flight has gone. As I sat there and edited my interview, I found myself really intrigued by this idea without even knowing that much about it, simply because of his passion for the project. I could tell it was going to be a success, because he wouldn’t stop until it was.

Now, back to present time, at a recent festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Alex and the Tiger Cuts brand had a full tent set up, selling everything from t-shirts, hats, tank tops, and so much more. Alex even touched up a few people’s “dos” and made them look cooler than the other side of the pillow. It was cool to see other fellow musicians also supporting the brand, such as a local favorite, Modern Baseball. Based on the apparel, it is apparent that Alex has a strong love for music and barbershop culture, combining these two passions into something unique, fun, and cutting edge.

So you wonder, how does he have time to do all of this while making hit records and touring the world? Well, the answer is simple: a hard work ethic. Alex and The Gaslight Anthem are a perfect example that talent in the arts can be used on various platforms, especially when you have such a strong local following in a booming market. Alex had told me in an interview that launching Tiger Cuts was a dream of his for many years, and that it was basically (not to quote) an outgrowth of his personal interests in life.

You can learn more about this amazing project on their official website at tiger-cuts.com. Over there you will find everything from t-shirts, buttons, hoodies, polos, stickers, and so much more. You can even find various lifestyle accessories such as money clips, combs, beanies, and everything your little trendy self could desire! They also are all over social media at twitter.com/TigerCuts1, and Instagram @TigerCuts. Oh yeah, and they have a specific motto that all of us should follow: “Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse.”

I am writing this article to bring to light an awesome project from one of this area’s most established musicians, Alex Levine. I am very proud to see how far he has taken this project, while still finding the time to maintain his rock star status and touring the world. Alex, and his bandmates, are living proof that all of local artists can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you have enough passion and desire to do so. Be sure to keep Tiger Cuts in mind on your next shopping spree, as it’s fresh and innovative. As you can see in the photo above, I am rocking my fresh new Tiger Cuts snapback and tank, so look out for your girl on the street (kidding, I am inside). Just always remember that this area is a watering hole for local projects, arts, music, and success, so take advantage! I will be back next week, so keep rocking!

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