Bob Gruen’s 70th Birthday Party @ Exile

MANHATTAN, NY—Bob Gruen has been among the most celebrated rock photographers in New York since the 1970s. Gruen is perhaps best known for being the personal photographer of John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their years in New York; he shot the iconic images of John Lennon wearing a New York City t-shirt and standing in front of the Statue of Liberty making the peace sign in 1974. He celebrated his 70th birthday at Exile.


Jesse Malin, owner of Exile, opened the evening with two songs.


Robert Gordon sang The Yardbirds’ “Heart Full Of Soul.”


Walter Lure sang three songs from his days in The Heartbreakers, including “Chinese Rocks” and “Too Much Junkie Business.”


Handsome Dick Manitoba of The Dictators sang the MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams.”


Debbie Harry of Blondie dueted with Handsome Dick Manitoba on Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You, Babe.”