Fascist Game Show Has Been Cancelled

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

               – Revelation 11:3

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

                  –  Ancient Christian Proverb

Donald Trump is a loser. He lost. One-term president. The fluke of 2016 has been corrected. The 2020 election season is over, and it ends with the expulsion of an American terrorist, a fascist con-man whose best claim to fame will eventually to be listed as the worst president that served after the Civil War. And it is hard to even claim it a presidency. More like a pitiful aberration of the body politic. A random mistake, a cancerous boil on all that is good and true about the American experience. It was, in the end, another failed venture of Trump Enterprises. Another in a sad series of bankruptcies that make of whatever Donald Trump touches doomed on arrival. Then it got worse. Much worse. History will mark it as our country’s weird diversion into a twisted nightmare. It will read that Donald J. Trump never won the popular vote. He never had a positive approval rating. He was summarily impeached. He sank the economy and 200,000 Americans died on his watch. His bid for a second term of this disgraceful mockery of governance was rejected with extreme prejudice – flushed from its system like a satisfying defecation. He is officially done. And when he goes in January of next year, the nation can get back to being a beacon for the world as a respected democracy instead of an embarrassing authoritarian clusterfuck.

Predictably, the president is taking this beating with his usual fantasyland approach. It is how he has run things. Somewhere in the bowels of his addled brain there is a plan for more votes. A bizarre re-imagining through the courts where he loves to delay the inevitable and make all his fuck-ups disappear in a torrent of red tape and lawyerly bullshit. But that is not forthcoming. The election is sacrosanct. And he sits on its butt’s end. And while he tries to besmirch the results, as he has done with all of his anti-American maneuvers, he will fail. Miserably. And daddy is not here to bail him out. His personal lawyer went to jail and this other crazy-ass one is likely headed there. And Russia is silent. It has abandoned him. Even the shameful husk of Bill Barr, combing through his lecture circuit planner, is shutting down his fast-food farcical Justice Department debasement. He can no longer defend the criminal activities of his shattered president. The people have spoken. They have evicted Donald Trump from their house, the White House.

Meanwhile, Trump ambles weakly around the place like the syphilis-crazed Hitler in his bunker, moving imaginary armies that do not exist around a map. And like de Führer, there are still those who patronize his delusions. They cannot let go of the damaged faith in their bloated savoir. But the rest of us can see it. Defeat reveals truth in a man, and Donald Trump’s truth is on full display now. He is the American scam. This charade was debunked the moment he became a candidate and conned the feeble-minded and desperate into thinking he did anything in life beyond the selling of a flawed macho image. But now it is stripped bare in defeat. 

On Election Day, he committed treason from the venerated White House East Room by announcing he was the winner of a race still in progress. A day later in a haphazard diatribe in the press room, he framed the sanctity of the American election and its people who participated in it a fraud and cheaters. Those who waited in the rain and heat and cold to vote him out, that work on the front-lines in these dangerous times. The ones who came weeks early to brave the virus his failure has blown up into a pandemic and vote. His second address was so defamatory and riddled with dangerous lies and anti-American sewage, every network save Fox News, because … well, you know, Fox News… took him off. The president of the United States taken from the airwaves because what he has to say is a call for the destruction of American democracy. Trump said the votes must stop being counted, like a third-world dictator, and then he had the temerity to prop his bloated carcass behind the presidential seal to call our votes “illegal”. 

But, let’s face it, even in winning Trump came in like a criminal of the state. Remember, this is the same man who could have stood strong against Russian aggression in 2017 but instead of assisting congress and the intelligence community in protecting us from a foreign enemy’s attack on our 2016 presidential election – an election he won – he denied it and fought against our efforts to find out what happened. He could have calmly told citizens that although he may have benefitted from such an attack that it was wrong, and we could, as nation, get to the bottom of it and stop it. He chose to do everything to undermine it and obstruct justice. He even stood on foreign soil with the Russian president and sided with the enemy against the United States. 

For the rest of these long, pathetic four years Trump has spit on America. Soiled its institutions. Destroyed, gutted and shat on its most sacred tenets. All for his vainglorious ego. But try as he might, he could not take her down. She stood up to his tyranny. She sent him packing. Where soon he will deal with several cases against him in the Southern District of New York – tax fraud, campaign crimes, illegal foreign money laundering, and on and on and on. Soon the Deutsche Bank will ask for their money back. His $400 million debt will now have to be paid back as a citizen, not a sitting president. His de facto protections are gone. The piper’s tune has concluded. He needs his check.

And, as they have shown in the last months, the sane Republicans, the ones who care about this nation, have refuted his nonsense claims. Not all of them. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, having kowtowed to him after he mocked them and their families and their manhood, still lower themselves to help in his attack on America. For shame. History will also call their names in anger. 

Texas Congressman Will Hurd, though, said it best in a tweet on the morning the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania blew up as the last vestige of hope for a second Trump presidency; “A sitting president undermining our political process & questioning the legality of the voices of countless Americans without evidence is not only dangerous & wrong, it undermines the very foundation this nation was built upon. Every American should have his or her vote counted.”

Oh, they are counting. And with each one, Donald Trump is finished.

In his 1994 Rolling Stone eulogy of Richard Nixon, Hunter S. Thompson wrote; “Some people will say that words like scum and rotten are wrong for Objective Journalism” and went on to point out that it was “objective journalism” that allowed monsters like Nixon and now Donald Trump to slither into office and actively work to extinguish our democracy. But say one thing about America, it knows its villains when it sees it. Nixon was sent away. And now it is Trump’s turn.

Donald Trump lost.

He is a loser.

And Joe Biden? Oh, yeah, him. Nah, America is the winner here.