When thinking about Royal Bliss’ new single, only three words come to mind, but each is more powerful than the other. Empowering, scorching, and effervescent – that is what encompasses “Fire Within.”

Some songs give off the sensation that you need to get up and move. Others are goosebump-inducing and hair-raising. Then there are the songs that evoke such a deep-rooted emotion within you, both mentally and physically, that you just need to scream its lyrics at the top of your lungs, listen to it tirelessly on a loop, and share its message with the world. “Fire Within” is all of that and more. 

The upbeat tempo alongside heartwarming lyrics and memorable guitar riffs that have a throaty reverb and garage band sound makes this track the most flawless amalgamation of genuine professionalism, lifelong musicality, and irresistibly charming creativity. 

Royal Bliss is a rock and roll band – point blank. They’re edgy and grungey style is wholly  juxtaposed by their evident and effortless skill. This new single, in all of its empowering, scorching, and effervescent glory, depicts that on a level the band is only just reaching. “Fire Within” is a song meant to be heard live, meant to be performed wildly in person, and meant to be shared with the world. The message of hope and inspiration, as well as an overwhelming sense of drive, is interspersed between late eighties and early nineties rock tones that help make this song as robust as it is. 

The instrumentation is top notch, laying an almost orchestrational bed underneath gritty vocals – which are performed in the most exceptional way. Perseverance is laced into this single from Royal Bliss, as well, adding to the stunning quality of it. The first verse, right from the get-go, illuminates and highlights the wondrous and influential meaning of this song. “It’s never easy to try and make it through – sometimes you gotta go your own way. They want to break you down until you level out, so take the punches, it don’t matter what they say”

“Fire Within”  is golden and emboldened. If this is your first introduction to the marvelous and authentic rock band that Royal Bliss is, be thankful, because it is setting you on a journey of delectable modern rock discovery and impassioned musical messages. That, of which, will be featured even heavier on their forthcoming LP set to drop later this year. If you’re adoring this track like the rest of us and are itching for more, it’s vital you stay tuned to all Royal Bliss has up their wonderfully hardcore rock sleeves.


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