Spotlight: The Return of Bamboozle

We promise this isn’t clickbait. The glorious, legendary, and memory-making music festival is coming back to the scenic landscape of Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Can you believe that My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, Machine Gun Kelly, Demi Lovato, Bon Jovi, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and Bruno Mars have all shared the same stage? Granted, they didn’t share the stage all at the same time, but they did all have their respective places on the Bamboozle Festival lineup. 

The game-changing musical event started right in our home state of New Jersey in Asbury Park. We know that Asbury Park is known for many things (including, but not limited to: Bruce Springsteen, the beach, a fun nightlife, and an eclectic art scene). Something it is known for that often gets overlooked is its place in the history of stellar U.S. music festivals. 

Music festivals of modern-day wouldn’t have been the same without Bamboozle. Over 18 years ago, Bamboozle took to the shores of New Jersey to give a platform to some of the biggest and most notable stars in the industry (both then and now). The generation-spanning and genre-defying event shaped an entire culture, one that we of all people and publications, can’t overlook. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Bamboozle is coming back. After a decade-long hiatus, New Jersey is preparing to see the return of an underrated, but deeply missed festival of music, art, and rocking, lifelong memories.

No matter what artists you’re a fan of or how ingrained emo culture is in your life, you should be prepared to clear your schedule for the first week of May in 2023. In two years, Bamboozle will grace the Asbury Park boardwalk yet again. The emo, pop, rock, urban blend of a festival is drumming up quite a bit of attention as the long-awaited show dates get announced. Although the lineup itself has yet to drop, our expectations are purposefully, and logically, very high. 

How many music festivals in the Garden State have seen Jimmy Eat World, Lil Wayne, Linkin Park, Motley Crüe, Skrillex, and New Found Glory performing live right on the beach in Asbury? Not too many, which is only adding to the exhilarating feeling that comes with knowing fans and music lovers alike are just two years away from the return of Bamboozle.

For more information on the event, visit, but by keeping up on social media,@BamboozleFest, you’ll have up-to-date details about the iconic, historical Jersey event whose tagline is aptly: Emo’s Not Dead.