Adam Duritz Visits ‘Sunshine Spotlight’

Reality Check’s James Campion has ventured into the world of podcasting with a new, inspirational, and oh-so musical show. You can now listen to biweekly interviews with artists of varying genres, immense expertise, and vulnerable life stories.

Episode 18 marks the longest Sunshine Spotlight installment yet, and for a good reason. Campion and Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz are friends, co-workers, co-hosts, and mutual fans of one another. The pairing are a match made in music-loving and arts-supporting heaven. Without them, there would be no Sunshine Spotlight podcast and no Underwater Sunshine Fest, so we cherish their work and blatantly obvious camaraderie.

This episode features the 45-minute exchange between the two. Whether they’re chatting about the folksy, bluesy, affectionate, gripping, and distinctly Counting Crows style of rock music or the all-inclusive effects on the pandemic on both music industry and the world at large, there is a comfort level in the duo’s banter that is unmatched. To be inspired, enlightened, and entertained by Campion and Duritz, tune in below:

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