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Central Park Summerstage Hosts Autumn Concert with Yo la Tengo

Indie rockers out of Northern New Jersey performing in the heart of Central Park… nothing screams “Aquarian coverage!” more.

When Yo la Tengo goes on the road, it’s imperative for music lovers near and far to head out. Sometimes it’s not that easy, though, and Mother Nature has different plans for the live music set to hit the stage. For nineties rock veterans Yo la Tengo, that was exactly the case. The band was set to take Central Park’s coveted outdoor venue a month before they ended up doing so on the evening of October 1. Sure, the venue is dubbed the Summerstage and the show ended up being on a cool fall night, but the lineup of bands made sure to bring the warmth and spirit of a fun summer concert back into the air.

Supporting act Mountain Movers took Central Park first, showcasing musicianship and talent that was impeccable, but it was headliners Yo la Tengo who knew exactly how to get the crowd off their feet with their sound and style. Balancing their most amusing and upbeat of songs with their most soulful crooners, there was not a better way to kickstart October or close out the free 2021 Summerstage series.

Mountain Movers

Yo la Tengo