Gregory Pallante / Pallante Photography

A Black & White Gallery for a Colorful Night Featuring Turnstile, $uicideboy$, & More

Hip-hop, rock, punk, and more were explored at Pier 17 earlier this month. The beautiful rooftop venue encapsulated the excitement of the music and the energy of the artists in a monumental way – you really just had to be there. If you weren’t, now is your chance to live vicariously through our unique and exclusive photo spread.

Seven urban-tinged acts took the NYC stage and each one was just as good as the next. Extensive discographies shone under the sky rise-lit skies with both deep cuts and hits finding a home on the variety of setlists heard. It was an experience from start to finish. Trust us.

Alongside Chetta, Germ, and Chief Keef were Turnstile, $uicideboy$, Night Lovell, and Ramirez. The latter four were shot live on stage by our very own Gregory Pallante, whose appreciation for literal and figurative hardcore musicianship remains one of our favorite things about the photographer. He has a great camera lens and an even greater sense for dynamic moments – moments so lively and superb that even the still frames have to be taken down a notch, by being made black and white, for the rest of us to absorb.