Ehud Lazin

Laura Jane Grace, Anthony Green, Tim Kasher Stun At Irving Plaza

Laura Jane Grace took over Irving Plaza on Monday, taking the stage with poise and passion before filling every crack and crevice of the quintessential club with sounds so raw and so recognizable, it might as well have its own genre: LJG punk.

Every punk undertaking of Laura Jane Grace’s is a showstopper. Whether alongside her bandmates in Against Me! or as a solo act, as a lineup headliner or as one of many on a bill, this singer-songwriter knows how to command an audience. There is no urgency when Grace comes on, yet her voice and guitar work slice through the air sharply and quickly. Outspoken, but rarely brash, she combines the best of anarchy with the best of melodies to create rowdy, catchy, vulnerable, and charged rock music. At Irving Plaza this week, concert-goers got a snippet of that; following our friend, the incomparable genre-defying virtuoso that is cool guy Anthony Green, as well as slick multi-instrumentalist Tim Kasher.

Ehud Lazin, a photographer with an eye for snapping colorful (even when they’r greyscale) shots of emotion in his art, experienced all of that and more with his own eyes… or, lens.

Tim Kasher

Photos by Ehud Lazin

Anthony Green

Photos by Ehud Lazin

Laura Jane Grace

Photos by Ehud Lazin