Nicole Conflenti

Experiencing a Band Ahead of Their Time: Twenty One Pilots

Ironically, one of the hottest tickets of the summer was for The Icy Tour: Twenty One Pilots’ latest live installment to their near decade of touring. At Madison Square Garden on August 23, the warmth of a summer night balanced out the cool-toned visuals and edgy alt pop hits.

With her camera in hand, photographer Nicole Conflenti played off the show-stopping musicianship between Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. She caught each of them in their element independently, but it’s clear on the stage of The Garden and off that the individual talents that they bring to the table mesh together to stun the crowd – no matter the size, as we’ve most recently discovered. The band took on a variety of venues and audiences over the past year or so in an effort to both celebrate smaller, local event spaces, and get closer to their fans. As a duo, TØP are creative, unstoppable, and infectious, but also trailblazing with their years of wearing masks (*wink wink*) and their literal mattress surfing over the crowd (not pictured, but we implore you to look up videos of it).