‘Thanks for Nothing, See You Never,’ Is the Ultimate Debut From Caity Baser

Introducing Caity Baser, a pop rock singer from overseas having fun with wit and bounce and flair.

Honest, yet sensitive, loud, and funny – just a few words to describe the rising 20-year-old artist, Caity Baser, who released her sunny debut EP today, Thanks For Nothing, See You Never, out via EMI/Chosen Music.

At only 20 years old, Baser is intelligent beyond her years. She’s everything you’ve wanted to be, the big sister you never had, and the best friend your mom would say that you’re forbidden from hanging out with.

She opens her EP with the track, “Pretty Boys,” an ode to crazy dates and attractive men. Clearly, Caity Baser doesn’t sugarcoat anything; she’s straightforward and honest similarly to artists like Demi Lovato and Lily Allen.

“I don’t really do metaphors, I’d rather just say what I mean,” she reasons in the press release for this EP. “I’m not going to go, ‘Oh, you’ve eaten my heart out,’ if what I really want to say is that you’ve pissed me off. How I am in songs is how I am in conversations — when I write, I imagine I’m talking to my friends.”

Another track, “X&Y,” brings to mind a mix of Meghan Trainor and her pop style with the direct and candid lyricism of the the aforementioned Allen. Following that is “Kiss You,” which is such an adorable song about a guy that the UK singer likes. Simple and sweet, she sings, “I just wanna kiss you, because whenever you’re gone, I miss you…”

“Feel More Okay” is a catchy bop that touches upon today’s stressful times and “getting way too insides our brains.” This song is more than relatable to young adults and how stressful, as well as painful, being part of today’s youth can sometimes can be. (The closing track, “2020s,” follows this up, too.)

What’s been incredible for Caity Baser is her ability to bring herself and her audience together in a significant, exciting way, one where the energy is flowing and the connection is genuine.

If anything’s for sure, this popstar will be around for delivering hits for years to come alongside the likes of Halsey, Lily Allen, and others.