Ehud Lazin

Colony House’s Irving Plaza Escapades

If you were bopping around Union Square on the evening of March 7, there’s a good chance you heard the indie rock stylings of Colony House.

Irving Plaza hosted Tennessee’s favorite band – the delightful, invigorating Colony House – earlier this week to a crowd just as delightful and surely invigorated by the end of the night. An indie rock band with a scintillating and overall entertaining take on the genre, the shows they put on get everybody moving and grooving. (We’d say it gets everyone on their feet, but for a standing room venue and a general admission show, everyone in attendance is already up and about.) The four-piece bring the heat with colorful lighting and tuned instruments, but take it up a notch by jumping into the crowd and interacting with fans. A Colony House show is a united front of modern rock fans and fun. We were grateful to have the best capturing those moments for this photo spread. Thank you, Ehud Lazin. And thank you, Colony House, Irving Plaza, and New York City.