Nicole Conflenti

Experiencing Melanie Martinez’s Universe for a Night

Known for the worlds that she creates for each and every album cycle, it was no surprise that alternative pop sensation Melanie Martinez took the stage in New York City in a look that not even the most eccentric cosplaying fan could recreate. The elaborate mossy green costume was complete with two-tiered prothetic eyeballs and slinky, scaly gloves. This era’s theme draws a thin line between escaping to another universe of aliens and being grounded in the emotional earthiness of this planet. Colors, lights, dancers, outfits, and sonically airy tones fit the bill of bringing this record and world to life. It felt special, and surely looked special, but sounded even more so.

Radio City Music Hall was graced by not one, but two otherworldly artistic presences on June 28 for this performance – Miss Martinez, yes, but also our photographer, Nicole Conflenti, who captured it all.