Taylor Ballantyne

Noah Vonne & the ‘Heights of Freedom & Soul’

Noah Vonne is proof that a little bit of alternative rock enthusiasm and a whole lot of talent goes a long way.

Noah Vonne is an ambitious blues rock performer who is coming to The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park on Friday, November 10. It is set to be a long night of wonderfully wild music on the famed stage with co-headliner Bluphoria following our fierce new friend.

You wouldn’t even believe that she, Miss Vonne, was ever nervous to share her tuneful vocals with the world, but that was the case at first. (Although, her recording studio moments were sacred experiences.) Through a lot of practice, even more gigs, a seven-month run singing for Celebrity Cruises, a tour with Shawn James, and another with KT Tunstall, the on-stage girl-boss we know today was ready for takeoff. Unsurprisingly, she’s owning her newfound boldness with both coy and grit, proving herself worthy of the venues she’s rocking out in.

The Aquarian couldn’t wait to talk to her about all of that and everything else.

Music has been who you are for so long. You’ve studied music, made music, and loved music since you were a child. What does it mean to you to be able to say, “I am a musician. I am an artist. I am living my dream,” at this point in your life?

At this point in my life, I have been fortunate enough to find a way to survive this crazy lifestyle enough to freely create the music I am proud of and perform it live to new audiences. The connection the songs are able to make with the audience members is what makes it all worth it and truly magical, for me.

To me, every time I have been able to perform and feel that connection, I am living my dream. I hope to always continue to grow my live shows, songwriting, and production to amplify that magical connection music allows.

How has attending Belmont University and partaking in their Music Business program shaped the path you are on today?

I think being surrounded by individuals that were just as serious about making this their whole life as I stepped into freshman year of college, was an insane feeling. It was inspiring to work together as we all began facing crappy contracts, getting screwed over, and finding a way to make a buck to survive. The mentality you’re able to grow when all of your friends are going through similar trials of making this life happen is so strong. You learn a lot.

The ‘Noah sound’ is fun and funky – like the most seasoned and polished garage rocker. Where do you look to for influence and where do you find your own personal, vocal, impassioned grit?

I listen to a lot of different music. A lot of oldies and a decent amount of pop2k [Laughs]. The most important influence of any song for me is the soul inside of it; with that I have multiple different influences: Janis Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald, Joss Stone, Joan Jett, Alicia Keys, and the list goes on. I am becoming more and more inspired in the freedom of rock music as a whole and am excited to push the performance to new heights of freedom and soul.

Tell us about “To Do’s” and releasing that powerhouse single not terribly long ago. What
has the reception been like? Where would you love to see this song go?

The reception has been absolutely incredible. I personally feel like I’m able to give so much in that song as well as lean everyone into what is up next: more rock!

You are working with more and more superb talents seemingly by the day. You
collaborated with producer Jimmy Messer, a legend, and opened for KT Tunstall,
another legend. How have knowing these people, and everyone creative and musical in
between, inspired you?

I have been so fortunate to work with the people I have – and gained so much inspiration and knowledge in every conversation, really. Jimmy, my producer for We Weren’t Sober, taught me so much as we spent three months in the studio together every single week day. He taught me so much about what it means to make it through this industry and how to stay creatively awake. KT Tunstall is truly a badass and showed me how beautifully respectful and loving you can be in just about any situation. She was always an idol to me growing up, so opening for her still feels a bit surreal.

I learn through their stories and how they move in their dynamic; luckily I’ve been shown this by incredible humans, and I am very very fortunate for that. 

Do you have any dream projects, whether it be collabs or supporting slots or headliner
venues or something else that would be really special of a goal to achieve?

I would love to open for an artist like Angel Olsen, Maggie Rogers, or Brandi Carlile. Headlining The Ryman in Nashville is definitely way up there on venues that will feel absolutely remarkable.