Ehud Lazin

Celebrating Ben Kweller

It’s been some 72 hours, but we want to talk about Ben Kweller’s 20th anniversary show at Racket NYC. He’s an artist that reels you in; he has done so expertly since his debut album, Sha Sha, in 2003, which was what he was celebrating on the evening of November 19. An indie rock legend with an love of acoustics and a flair for country music, Kweller went from being a young, hip artist breaking the mould in his early twenties to a veteran storyteller and genre-bender in his early forties. Fans, especially in and around the Big Apple, have watched this growth, sticking around through professional highs and personal lows, aiding in the warmth that the captivating and imitate Racket performance gave off. (You can feel it, too, through Ehud Lazin’s wonderful slideshow below.)

Photos by Ehud Lazin