Valentino Petrarca

Midtown Finishes Out the Year at the Wellmont Theater

From seeing Midtown at Starland last year to seeing them headline Wellmont this year, it further proves the genre known as emo is alive and well. This is a band that is over 20 years old and still having an impact on the scene they helped create.

Midtown has plans to make this show, the one we caught on December 21, a yearly thing. This holiday concert here in New Jersey sees the band joining in with artists like Taking Back Sunday, Lorna Shore, and Mayday Parade who have their own seasonal events here in our home state. Only this time around, for Midtown, they had a new EP of covers to add into their set and share with fans.

If Midtown keeps true to their promise and returns to Jersey every year, we’ll keep seeing them! Check out our interview with the band ahead of the performance here, because they really are some of New Jersey’s finest and some concert photography isn’t always enough to prove that. (Although, we’d like to think these photos come close!)