Il Divo’s XX Anniversary LP: Thoughtful & Mature

Ten songs make up the 10th studio album from Il Divo, and it comes nearly two decades since their first – the self-titled, multi-platinum chart-topper. A lot has changed over the course of their classical-adjacent career, but the group’s core values have not once wavered – that is the most notable (and noble) aspect of Il Divo – XX: 20th Anniversary Album.

It is the arrangements on this album that stand out – these four multi-lingual powerhouses are not only intertwined vocally, but their vocals are layered intricately within the instrumentation. Even with this being the first album with a new member, nothing feels out of place. One must praise the musicians themselves, but just as much as that production team blending the sounds at hand. As soon as this hit shelves, streaming services, and the airwaves last week, people were picking up on the harmonious nuances that Il Divo and Co. crafted for this special anniversary release. From “Perfect” to “No Tengo Nada,” not a note from anyone or anything is out of place. There was no lapse in judgement nor time, even after 20 years and the loss of a core member: the theatrical, operatic troubadour that was Carlos Marín.

Coming in at just under 43 minutes long, this LP feels stable and even. It’s not too long like some of their first records were, and it is also not so short that you pull your favorite songs from the tracklist, add them to a playlist, and move on. This is a full listening experience, well-rounded and steady in the 10 songs that (as always) touch on a wide variety of sound and style. As a whole, XX is romantic, emotionally-charged, cohesive, elegant, multi-lingual classical music that feels as effortless as it does thoughtful. The attention to detail in everything from the songs at hand to the order they play is evident. It warms our hearts to know that this electric retrospective of a record was as cared about on the inside as it is on the outside by fans and critics alike so far.