Ehud Lazin

A Scorching Night With Pantera, Lamb of God, & Child Bite

A little metal, a bit of thrash, and a ton of fun – these are the understatements of Pantera’s very first headlining show at Madison Square Garden on February 22. It’s been a longtime coming, don’t you think? We do, and that’s probably one of the reasons why we haven’t stopped wishing we were back in the pit at the World’s Most Famous Arena alongside the world-class Ehud Lazin.

It’s been a week since the concert, but the wildness has stayed with us. The energy, the release, and the sense of community that Pantera, Lamb of God, and Child Bite brought effortlessly carried us through the end of February… and will probably be held onto for much of March. Raw, classic, ripping, and roaring; these are bands that are fierce and venomous in their rock’n’roll antics. Nothing was toned down or left out this time around, because fierce, venomous, and rocking are who they are. Lazin captured that.


Photo by Ehud Lazin

Child Bite

Photos by Ehud Lazin

Lamb of God

Photos by Ehud Lazin


Photos by Ehud Lazin