Have You Heard That (New Wave Music) Podcast?

Whether it’s called post-punk, synth-pop, modern rock, or alternative dance, new wave has played an integral role since the late 1970s. It certainly has been a major part of my life. The new wave genre and the complex subgenres have been beloved by many and vilified by others. Whatever your stance, the musical landscape would be dull without it.

The following three podcasts celebrate everything from the quirky, humorous, lighthearted tone to dark, moody, introspective lyrics, and everything in between.

The New Wave Music Podcast is a podcast dedicated to discussing and reviewing new music from your favorite new wave artists, as well as looking at new artists with the new wave sound. The show is hosted by Steve and T-Bone, two lifelong new-wavers. They have expertly interviewed heavy hitters such as Nik Kershaw, Robyn Hitchcock, Aimee Mann, and Thomas Dolby. One of the things I enjoy is the spotlight on newer bands who keep the spirit of new wave alive such as Palm Ghosts, Twin Tribes, and Princess Goes (featuring Michael C. Hall). The New Wave Music Podcast has been running since 2021 and continues to provide quality content.

Heaven 17, British Electric Foundation and Illustrious Company’s Martyn Ware talks to the famous artists from the worlds of music, art, film, comedy, and television on his podcast, Electronically Yours with Martyn Ware. Ware shares his unique perspective based on his 40-year career by offering unique and intriguing conversations with many interesting figures. There are over 200 episodes available and they are all precious and rare gems. One of my favorite episodes features an interview with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. There really is something for everyone and I can’t stop recommending it to everyone. 

This Is Modern Rock Podcast is a series that takes a close look at the Billboard Modern Rock charts starting with September 1988. Alternative rock permeated the airwaves in the late eighties and nineties. The podcast is hosted by Will Westercauw and just wrapped up its sixth season focusing on 1993. I’m looking forward to the coverage of 1994 because it’s such a pivotal year in alternative music, especially with Soundgarden, Green Day, The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Our Lady Peace, Live, Oasis, and many others. These albums are celebrating their 30th anniversary making it extra special. 

I think I’m going to create a playlist and take a drive to the Jersey Shore with Pretty In Pink, Duran DuranLove and Rockets, and They Might Be Giants blaring on my car stereo at full blast. These podcasts are terrific inspirations to do just that very thing.