Recorded by the band when they were in high school, The Guru’s Native Sun opens with a track called “Arizona,” which does well to set the tone of things, channeling Modest Mouse with a definitive sort of funk to it that just…works. My three top picks are “Barracuda Hands,” “Beach Monster,” and “Disco Daughter,” but it’s a solid release altogether for sure. The momentum builds and builds and there are these little flares of genius throughout, with catchy choruses and fun gang vocals that make you feel like you’re at a show on the beach at night near a nice bonfire and not in your car stuck in traffic on the way to somewhere you’d really rather not be. Like, say, headed towards Seaside Heights in July. The disc includes unique basslines, fun guitars, a truly on-point drum regime—which is even more amazing considering their drummer is also their lead vocalist—and even some cowbell. A super impressive effort, all things considered.

In an age range where one could argue they’re too young to fully be technical, these guys drive it home quite methodically. They know what they’re doing, but it sounds sometimes like they don’t—but then you listen to it again and, holy shit, these kids are brilliant, get them a medal or a cookie or something.

The success of this record prompted a sophomore release currently in the works, and the formation of the band’s very own recording label, Seagreen Records. If the tease release of a video for a new single, “Indian Day,” from this upcoming album is any indication, they have only grown and matured and evolved in their sound and techniques. It’s something I am really excited about and really looking forward to. I would recommend them to fans of Modest Mouse, early Hot Hot Heat, and Wolfmother. You really don’t wanna miss out on this band.

In A Word: Summery

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