Maria’s Local Radar: Owel


Hello friends, it’s about that time to heat things up with what is happening in the local music scene! I have to start off by giving a shout out to The Moms, who absolutely crushed it at Starland Ballroom with New Found Glory on March 28. They brought a ton of people out, and I have become an even bigger fan than I was before. Kudos to you, The Moms. I found it very enticing that New Found Glory actually shouted them out on stage as well. It just goes to show, with a little hard work, some perseverance, you can achieve anything! So proud of you guys and I cannot wait to see you again.

Now, it’s time to get down to business. This week, I am going to focus on a band that I have featured in the Radar a few times in the past; however I want to shed the spotlight on some new music that they have recently released. They go by the name of Owel, and you most likely have heard of them before, for they have made quite the splash in the scene since their “birth.” However, if you are new to the Owel game, they are a quintet from New York and New Jersey with a sound and style all their own. If you’re into ambient sound, amazing vocals, and musicians that are just about as talented as they can get, then this is the band for you. Now, they have a lot of good music, but this new track they released may be my favorite yet to date. Let’s chat a little more, shall we?

A few weeks back, Owel shared their new single, “Every Good Boy Does Fine,” with immediate buzz that made quite the splash online. From the second I heard this track, I knew it would be a smash. This song is very different for them, in the best way possible. I have been a friend, and a fan, of Owel for quite some time now, and for as long as they’ve been around, they always find a way to completely revamp their sound. With this track, I guess you could say it’s a little “poppier” than what we are used to from these guys, but that is not a negative thing. This is the title track of their forthcoming EP, Every Good Boy. From beginning to end, this song will have your ears begging for more.

One of the biggest assets of this band is the violin, for not only is it unique, but it puts an amazing dent in their style. This track will exemplify what I mean here, as the violin is where there is a lot of heavy grip. I think this was the perfect choice for a leadoff single, and it really showcases every aspect of talent Owel has not only musically, but lyrically as well. Jay’s vocals soar as usual, taking you to a place where there are absolutely no distractions; you cannot help but fall in love.

This song hasn’t left my playlist in over two weeks, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. I could hear it being played on mainstream radio, or even in a movie trailer; it just sets the tone for so many emotions. I find the lyrics to be extremely powerful, like most of their stuff, but there is something about this song that just takes the cake. Congrats to Owel on yet another smash hit.

Every Good Boy will be available for purchase on April 28 via intheclouds, and I cannot wait to hear what else this EP has in store. They have shared the stage with some incredible national acts, and are well on their way. Do yourself a favor and check out this new single, as I promise you will not be disappointed. You can learn more about Owel, check out the single, and become friends with them on their Facebook page at I will check back in with Owel once the EP is released, so be sure to jump on the bandwagon soon! See you all next week.