Shoreworld – Karen Scioli “Stella, The Man-Eater From Manayunk”

Shoreworld – Karen Scioli “Stella, The Man-Eater From Manayunk”

Halloween is mere days away, and in that evil spirit I dig up an oddity from my dark and misguided youth. Horror…those black, velvety horror honeys that paraded around on late-night TV. You know, the ones where some scantily clad vixen would roll monster flicks like, Them, I Spit on Your Grave, and Hill House, while you swigged cheap cherry brandy and ate popcorn. And for years, thousands of New Jersey and Pennsylvania youth were hypnotized on Saturday nights by a buxom zombified beauty named Stella, The Man-Eater from Manayunk, played by Karen Scioli. Her show was called Saturday Night Dead, and it was on every weekend throughout the New Jersey and PA areas.

Scioli’s slapstick “can’t win” delivery is what made her series memorable. Using a combination of decadence, innuendo and shady-natured hijinks, she led the cast and viewers right into the flick of the night as only she could. Most of us relished the combination as did WKYW, the NBC affiliate that kept her on air and following Saturday Night Live for several gore filled years. And while Stella never became a national name like Vampira or Zacherley, she will always be remembered as the …

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