Rock Reads: A Summer Guide For The Rock & Roll Literate

Rock Reads: A Summer Guide For The Rock & Roll Literate

Looking for a celebration of music in words to while away your lazy summer days?


Testimony – Robbie Robertson (2016)

The story of The Band is arguably the most mysterious and incomplete of any rock group from the golden era. This is mainly due to two contributing factors; during its time The Band did very little press, lived, recorded and mostly maneuvered outside of the capitals of the entertainment business, and in the convening years many of its members painted conflicting histories and then subsequently three of the five members died.

Into this quixotic history comes the much-anticipated memoir of its titular head and main songwriter, Robbie Robertson, who not only co-founded the group and composed the bulk of its songs but ultimately splintered it.

Testimony is aptly titled. Robertson writes as conversation, a homespun storyteller putting you in the room, on the stage, and inside the action; all the while unfurling his version of how things went down from a unique perspective. From his neophyte days as a teenager getting a fast-track rock and roll education on the road with the inimitable Ronnie Hawkins, all the way through the famous Martin Scorsese directed version of The Band’s final concert, …

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