Shoreworld: The Hesh Inc. Soul In Exile-3: Love Runs Aground

Shoreworld: The Hesh Inc. Soul In Exile-3: Love Runs Aground

Hesh has been around for many years. When it comes to original music in New Jersey, I can remember as far back as the early ’90s seeing him perform in bars with piano and voice to many approving fans. When you talk to him about his past, his simple answer pretty much tells the story of yet another New Jersey original that not only made an impression but did so as he moved around. I had recently asked him to explain his musical goals, and he had this to say:

‚ÄúThis album is some 20+ years in the making! I began writing the songs when I was still in college up in Boston. The drummer, Izzy, I have known since my high school years, and I would rehearse early versions of the songs in the empty auditorium at the BU Hillel House. Then later, once both he and I were in the New Jersey/New York area, we put a band together and included one of the songs, ‘Love Runs Aground,’ in our regular setlist. Later on, I recorded keys-and-voice-only versions of the songs and put them out as the first ‘Soul In Exile.’ But I always wanted to put them …

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