Shoreworld – Tom Kanach: Undertow

Shoreworld – Tom Kanach: Undertow

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I’ve had the privilege to be friends with Tom Kanach for some 35 years now. Kanach got his start with the well-known Monmouth County punk band Mischief, and he hasn’t looked back since. Mischief released one record before disbanding out of the need for growth. Tom then went on to form a band called Well of Souls, which was a continuation of Kanach’s pop sensibilities and songwriting prowess. Influenced from everything from early Beatles, to The Dead Boys and David Cassidy, Kanach honed a lean and mean craft as a writer, moving way beyond the average rock aficionado birthed in garages, and becoming a true contender on the scene.

I had the privilege to work with Tom in the early nineties when I joined Well of Souls, replacing their guitar player and joining Tom in the joyous labors of writing and shaping the mid-nineties with dozens of well-written songs that should have taken us out of New Jersey and onto bigger and better things. But alas, that didn’t happen and even with the ammunition of great songs, a crack band and lawyers, moving past the regional area just didn’t happen. But I must …

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