Inked Out: Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry And Design

Inked Out: Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry And Design

A couple of weekends ago, my band, Rahway, opened for the emotionally distraught Puddle of Mudd at an awesome new music venue in Easton, PA called One Centre Square. I had already heard about this kick-ass tattoo shop in the historic town of Easton called Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry and Design through a friend. So, I figured while I was up there, I might as well go over and check it out. After the band’s early load-in, I had a few hours to kill before our set, so I drove over to 3655 William Penn Highway to check this place out.

We pulled up to what looked like a house. At first, I thought we were at the wrong place until I spotted the sign on the front door. We parked and walked into an incredibly decorated waiting room with a red accent wall boasting awards as well as other art and a doorway that separated the next room with an iron gate supporting a red letter “A” standing for Amaryllis. Behind the gate was where the magic happened, as you can easily hear the buzzing from the waiting room. It was that buzzing that gives you the itch to get …

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