Inked Out: Kings Avenue Tattoo

Inked Out: Kings Avenue Tattoo

A few weekends ago, I had to drive my wife into Manhattan for an afternoon baby shower. I had plenty of time to kill in the city I loved the most. After lunch with my cousin, I dropped him off down by the Bowery when I passed a sign on the corner of Spring Street and the Bowery that read Kings Avenue Tattoo. What? There’s a new tattoo shop down here? I immediately pulled over and found a parking space since I still had some time to kill before I had to pick my wife up.

I walked upstairs to the second floor where Kings Avenue Tattoo was located, and I walked into this open space with two leather couches in the center of the room separated by an area rug. The room was “buzzing” with artists at work. It was almost like being in a mini tattoo convention, with the artists working around the couches openly. It was amazing to see, and kind of had this old school vibe. I really enjoyed the vibe of Kings Avenue Tattoo.

Back in November 2005, owner and artist Mike Rubendall opened the first Kings …

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