Inked Out: Vanguard Tattoo – Nyack, NY

Inked Out: Vanguard Tattoo – Nyack, NY

Vanguard Tattoo – Nyack, NY

It’s not often that I get back up to the New York area these days, but when I do, it’s usually to visit family. Around Chinese New Year’s back in February, I had to visit family in Nyack, NY for a party. My wife and I got up there early and had some time to kill, so we passed this little tattoo shop on Main Street in Nyack and decided to go back to take a look. The shop was called Vanguard Tattoo. We only had a few minutes to kill, so our visit was a quick one.

We walked into this little shop that was kind of hidden, but my wife always seems to have an eye for these hidden places. The keyword here is “walked in” because Vanguard Tattoo is doing something that I’ve not seen done at any of the shops I’ve ever visited. They’ve dedicated one day of the week to “walk-in” clientele, which means no appointments are made on this day and they take walk-in clients only on this day. That day is Walk-in Fridays! I think this is a brilliant marketing move on their part to obtain more customers, …

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