Good Charlotte: Youth Authority

Pop punk superstars, Good Charlotte, are back after their nearly five-year break. The band announced the end of their hiatus late last year and shortly after released their single “Makeshift Love.” Last November, the group played their first show since 2009 at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. The band released …

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Peter Vitalone: The Side Of The Dirt

Upon first listen, about 35 seconds into “Into Me I See,” the first track on Peter Vitalone’s latest album, This Side Of The Dirt¸ I thought to myself, “This is something my parents would enjoy.” And though, to some, that could be construed as a bit of an insult, …

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Noir: The Burning Bridge

The Burning Bridge is Noir’s fourth release and it is dedicated to David Bowie. Noir consists of frontman Athan Maroulis, formerly of Spahn Ranch and Black Tape For A Blue Girl and keyboardists and backup female vocalists Kai Irina Hahn and Demetra Songs. In this collection they continue in what …

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Freakwater: Scheherazade

The biggest critical struggle for alt-country vets Freakwater, it seems, is convincing critics that they haven’t been making the same album over and over again since their 1989 self-titled debut. For most critics, as well as fans, Freakwater peaked in 1995 with their fourth and best received album, Old Paint

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SKOLD: The Undoing

Tim Sköld, Swedish multi-instrumentalist, collaborator with KMFDM and Marilyn Manson and producer of his own early, youthful projects, has released an album under his name, SKOLD. Titled The Undoing, it could also have been set in all bold capitals on the jacket, to keep with its bold, aggressive nature. …

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Hemming: Hemming

New acoustic singer/songwriter, Hemming, has broken through the barrier between basement band and sensational songstress. Formerly known as Candice Martello, the Philadelphia native has faced her fair share of struggles in the music world, but her single “Vitamins” catapulted the Drexel graduate into a record deal and overnight success. The …

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Baked Goods: One Of Those Things

What do you get when you throw jazzy riffs and some good rock ‘n’ roll into one song? Baked Goods: a spicy, yet refreshing twist of funk and light jazz. All from the same New York area, the quintet joined forces in high school—and their idea to become a band …

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Symphony X: Underworld

Every now and then, you get that one band that makes you question every recent addition you’ve made to your music library. In a world that stresses so much on mainstream pop, it’s easy to overlook the musicians who aren’t airing on MTV’s top hits every two minutes or so. …

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Senses Fail: Pull The Thorns From Your Heart

Most of us can attest to the sporadic sensation of feeling isolated, especially in a world that’s meant for everyone to magically harmonize in. Sure, seclusion is an unshakably pesky feeling, but when you think about it, there are a million other people out there who have felt the same …

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I Am The Albatross: Lonesome Son

Conjured in Austin, Texas, I Am The Albatross are expanding their horizons and have recently completed their second album, Lonesome Son. The trio has remained in their home state, but after a year of creating and playing, they were able to produce new material for their growing fan base. …

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