Six Songs Into the Mind of Vera Bloom

It’s Me? No, it’s her, and her is the inviting alternative stylings of Vera Bloom. This rising singer-songwriter listens to her heart, spins it into a catchy song for the masses, and the masses then have a chance listen to her heart, too.

Vera Bloom’s new EP is for anyone, but angles keenly to fellow Gen Z artists and those whose playlists bounce back-and-forth between Fleetwood Mac and The 1975. It’s earthy with an element of youthfulness, and it’s a personal sophomore release, too, which strays further from what many acts do at this time in their career – try to strike a balance between what the public will relate to and what emotions can’t help but seep out into the personal lyrics. (ie: “Say Goodbye” and “Boxes,” two stand-out tracks on here that easily hit home for both their respective groove and reflective hook.)

The title track is the longest song on the little record. It clocks in at just over four minutes and begins the album’s descent into what can be felt as the end of an album and the end of an era. There is something special about this song because of that. It feels final, defiant, strong in its closure that it provides for anyone and everyone who has been searching for answers about themselves and the world around them. (Don’t take this the wrong way; this is not an existential moment. Rather, this is a humbling moment, a human experience of finding your footing. It’s beautiful and solid in bass-heavy nature, as well. The song that follows it, too, is an appropriate encore without coming off like an afterthought, either.)

Other tracks have the same energy and there are not too many moment where the budding star is asking questions. It’s Me is a not an EP that boggles the mind. It is straightforward and freeing. There are, though, a handful of instrumental moments within the music itself that harken back to the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The retro feeling backing these airy, honest stories of love and life actually suit the modern-made songs perfectly, almost reminding the listener that as nostalgic as one can get for another time, place, era… the emotions that fill our soul are the same. Humans are still human, able to feel and relate and connect and break and overthink and rejoice and rock out. Vera Bloom reminds us of that on this release (soon to be in your hands and in your ears).