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Paramore/Fall Out Boy @ PNC Bank Arts Center

Paramore/Fall Out Boy

PNC Bank Arts Center

June 28, 2014

HOLMDEL, NJ—After an unexpected hiatus from Fall Out Boy and a near breakup from Paramore, the two punk rock bands came back to perform at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center to promote their new albums as well as bring back some of their popular classics.

The opening act, New Politics, did a great job warming up the crowd by being fun and energetic. Lead singer David Boyd knew how to get the crowd’s attention by break dancing during some of the songs that people weren’t familiar with, which included surprising people with his head stands. Toward the end of their set, he got the audience’s attention even more by jumping into the crowd and running up the aisles, stopping whenever he pleased to get closer to the fans. To top it all off, they saved their hit song “Harlem” toward the end of the set.

Finally the arena went dark, with a bright purple beam of light shining from across the stage that soon resulted into the word PARAMORE, with only the shadows of the three current members—Jeremy Davis, Hayley Williams and Taylor York—left. The band started off with their new single “Still Into You” off their self-titled…

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