Firefly Music Festival @ The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway

Firefly Music Festival

The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway

DOVER, DE—Firefly Music Festival is the ultimate summer getaway. You are camping there for five days (if you had Wednesday Premiere) with all your friends and some of the greatest bands around. This year’s installment was as close to paradise as you could get, especially because this one was a step up from past years. There were new stages, new art features, and new food vendors—including everyone’s favorite, Chipotle. The new art served as a unique landmark to find your friends after getting lost during someone’s set. The Beercade and Dogfish Head Brewery made an appearance again, providing air conditioning, a place to hang and play free arcade games, and of course beer. The Thicket also made a comeback, where if you needed to tune out the festival, you could tune into a Silent Disco DJ and dance in the woods. What was new was the Malibu Beach House, which provided an aerial view of the festival, cocktails, and free WiFi.

Four days, seven stages, and over 80,000 people—this year was colossal. The main stage held some of music’s biggest names, including Kings Of Leon, who played their first show in six months on Friday. Their headlining status came as …

 — Aunt Ange @ Pianos 08/24/2016

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