Social Distortion @ Stone Pony Summer Stage

Social Distortion

Stone Pony Summer Stage

August 22, 2015

ASBURY PARK, NJ—In the pantheon of alternative music, there has to be a celestial throne for Social Distortion because no other group draws such over-the-top, frenzied love and passion from the crowds as they do. By now, and in the conclusive pinnacle of their career and after seven albums stretching from the early ’80s to the second decade of this millennium, Social Distortion stands as the definitive and successful apotheosis of punk rock. With their third album, titled Social Distortion (1990), their music began to blend punk with rockabilly. During the ’90s their style took on more elements of country and western, developing into a genre that has been termed “cowpunk.”

The open air summer stage of the Stone Pony is an ideal venue for feeling the super-charged atmosphere that Social D generates, in no small part due to the zeal and ardent enthusiasm of frontman Mike Ness and to his sincere effort to reach out with appreciation and affection to the audience.

Nikki Lane’s fine country-alternative band from Tennessee served as a great opener and was warmly received by the crowd. The sun was heading down toward the end of their set and a perfect half moon shone brightly …

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