Every Time I Die: New Jack Swing On My Junk Aesthetic: Interview with Keith Buckley

In terms of your sound, you’re not drastically reinventing Every Time I Die here.

No, not at all. I think that we actually went back a little further on this one. We went back to the heaviness and sporadic style of Hot Damn! or Last Night In Town. I think we kind of tried to go back and recapture that feeling. A very live feel, when right now, anybody you go see live, it’s iPod-core. It’s dudes playing a backing track and bouncing around like assholes. I’m talking about good live music.

It does seem a lot more like Hot Damn! than maybe Gutter Phenomenon. Was that preconceived or is that what was coming out of you at the time?

That’s just what was coming out at the time. I think we were revitalized by the fact that we just got on a great new label, notorious for its punk music that’s been put out for 20-something years. And the first time writing for a bass player that fits in the band and is going to stick was definitely helpful, and now we have more life in us now that we’ve got a drummer that actually likes playing drums for us, so we’re a whole new animal ready to tour.

What happened with New Jersey—represent—Ferret records?

The contract was up really. They were putting their eggs in another basket, so time to move on. No hard feelings at all.

I don’t know what being on a different label even means now.

You know, I didn’t think I would either, but it’s weird. They’re just very thorough. They’re following up on SoundScans and marketing plans, and we’re in the loop on everything. It’s really cool.

Tell me about doing the video for ‘Wanderlust.’ Were they just like, ‘Here, go open some doors?’

Yeah. Pretty much. It really was that. And everything else was handled in post.

Sweet. Was that the easiest video you’ve ever had to do?

It was great, yeah, I loved it. It was pretty hot but otherwise it was just hanging out with a bunch of dudes in a little hallway. I was actually working for maybe two hours tops so it was cool.

It looks like a lot of work went into it, but not necessarily you guys.

Yeah, not on our part. It was all the post-animation stuff.

I’m guessing your brother was really involved though.

Yes, yes he was very much involved in the whole thing.