Lexappeall: Birthday Week Debauchery

Certainly one year older, and perhaps another year wiser. I basically drank from Halloween up until yesterday, or rather 3am this morning. It’s called a birthday week! Geez! On Halloween I killed some time before everyone got out of work at the School of Rock’s Haste The Day show. Then I raged the night away dressed as a pin-up girl with Nicky and Steph. Kegs, fist fights, party hopping, ungodly amount of cigarettes etc etc. As for my birthday, I rang it in with my best friend Tara getting as blasted as humanly possible and stayed that way for two days. You only live once folks. ;)

November is off to a slow start, show wise, so I don’t have too much coming up. I’ll be hanging out at the School of Rock Friday at the Higher show and on Saturday for the Mae show. Sunday I’ll be with V-dub at the Hasbrouck Heights VFW checking out one of our OTV bands, Trees Above Mandalay.

Bands! Don’t forget to sign up for our Aquarian Weekly’s Bands On the Verge contest! Here’s our flyer for more details.

OTV 2010

See you dudes around.

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