Lexappeall: Moving, Saves The Day, The Break & More

I’ve moved my place of residence, randomly. I’ve been laying low with my best friends, just kickin it. Valentine’s Day was cute and all that jazz. This week, I hit up Gramercy to see my boys in The Word Alive, Of Mice & Men and We Came As Romans. Such a great group of guys on the road! We had a blast and it’s sad to say I won’t be seeing them again until Bamboozle. That’ll make Bamboozle that much more awesome this year though! Always a fun festival!

Up and coming. Bands On the Verge Contest closes March 1! Submit submit submit! Or forever hold your peace. This Saturday I’ll be at Starland Ballroom for the, oh so awesome, Saves the Day show. Technically, it’s New Found Glory and Hellogoodbye also, but Saves the Day is the reason I’m determined to be there. Sunday, we’ll be rocking out at the Break Contest with Mercy Mercedes and All the Day Holiday. Stop by the judges table and say hey.

Last night @Tarababyyy and I were at Lava Lounge checking out the tunes of our good friends Jon Gambino and Ben Reynolds. No doubt it was a fucking awesome time.

It was dope talking everyone in our live stickam chat yesterday!

See you later.

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