Black Country Communion: Black Country Communion

Enter Black Country Communion, and what exactly makes these guys so special? Well, they’re a supergroup, and one that doesn’t suck. These guys play a sort of blues inflected hard rock that’s usually so symptomatic of terrible music. However, even with these two things working against them this band manages to defy biases against super groups while simultaneously creating an original experience on their self-titled debut.

The first track, “Black Country,” is so ballsy that for a second I was certain I was listening to a metal band. The main riff is stellar and it is a great opener for the album. While a band is never about a single member, special mention must be made of the guitar work of Joe Bonamassa, his playing is tactful and neither his solos nor his chops ever get out of control, even within this blues context where things can easily become stale.

Glenn Hughes is also noteworthy. His voice is strong, defiant and perfect for this release. Even his bass work is surprisingly technical without ever overstepping the line from tasteful to self-indulgent. I’m amazed that he can play bass the way he does while singing.

The only things on this album that didn’t standout were the drumming and the keyboard work. Derek Sherinian is an amazing keyboardist but on this release he really doesn’t do anything of note. The drumming is also a little bit of a letdown considering that Jason Bonham is the son of the late John Bonham. Those two things aside this release is awesome and if you like blues rock done by the pros you should grab this.

In A Word: Great