Record Store Day: A Guide To The Many Limited And New Releases

Oh, Record Store Day, how I love thee as much as my wallet loathes thee. There is probably a holiday for just about everything one could want, gifts, uprisings, animals, Presidents and now a music holiday; Record Store Day. Everyone likes having music, so it’s only befitting that there should be a day in which one is encouraged to not feel guilty about blowing a paycheck on awesome vinyl and special releases. Below is a list of the more awesome things to pick up from your favorite record store on April 16. Spare no expenses because I’m certain some of these things will not be coming back for a while, if ever.

The Flaming Lips

Heady Nuggs: The First 5 Warner Bros. Records 1992-2002 Vinyl Box Set

Warner Bros

The Flaming Lips will be hitting Record Store Day with their Heady Nuggs Vinyl Box Set. It’s a Record Store Day exclusive so, try as you might, you will not find it anywhere else. I’m certain that fans of both illicit drugs and The Flaming Lips will grasp the significance of the title of this release and probably enjoy both equally. It really does get one to wondering what lengths the Flaming Lips will not go. Obviously, throwing a box of vinyl is one of the things that The Flaming Lips will do, and it’s quite a treat. Ten years of a band’s history is quite a cool thing to own.


Friend Opportunity

Polyvinyl Record Co. LP+MP3 1

What a difficult group to pin down! Austere instrumentation coupled with stampedes of melodic insanity that could only possibly be attributed to improvisation. Between the melodies, the humorous child-like voice of Satomi Matsuzaki and the whacky instrumental lines, Deerhoof always defies expectations of what it means to actually be a part of the rock genre. Friend Opportunity is no exception. Given this band’s vast influence on indie rock, it’s no surprise that they’ll be putting something out on Record Store Day for their hordes of adoring fans to grab. Get your sleighs and reins ready, ladies and gentlemen, because this thing will be scooped up quickly.


The Throat Of Winter Roadrunner 7″


Opeth isn’t totally brutal, but The Throat Of Winter has to be one of the most brutal and awesome sounding names for just about anything relating to metal. Metal is grim and cold, like the winter, and all about cutting the throats of its enemies. Did I mention that this thing is rare? In fact, in some stores they’re limiting this item to one per customers. If you’re a fan of Opeth, you definitely want to grab this and put it up with your collection because I get the feeling this thing won’t be sitting in stores after Record Store Day. Too bad they didn’t decide to release it in January. I can see it now, miles and miles of hungry Opeth fans battling it out in the grip of winter trying to be one of the lucky few to own this 7” serving of progressive metal.

Kings of Leon

Holy Roller Novocaine 10″ Red Vinyl


What’s a sexier color than red? I don’t think there is one, and Kings of Leon must be in agreement because for Record Store day they’re throwing a 10” red vinyl release to the fans. It’s going to feature three tracks, including the album’s namesake, “Holy Roller Novocaine.” However, this release won’t be making anyone numb. Maybe they should probably rename it “Holy Roller Cocaine,” because I’m certain fans out there are itching for a dose of Kings of Leon anyway that they can get it.

Michael Jackson

“Hollywood Tonight” b/w “Behind The Mask” 7″ Vinyl


Did you actually think Michael Jackson was going to be left out of Record Store Day? Even in death, the man is still going strong, and the fact that he has a Record Store Day release coming is only a further testament to his legend.


Killing The Dragon Vinyl Picture Disc

Night Of The Vinyl Dead

Yet another feast fit for a king, Killing the Dragon, by Ronny James Dio, the late king of metal. What’s not to like here? It’s metal music from beyond the grave courtesy of Night Of The Living Vinyl. When Dio’s involved you know it’s something you have to hear and Killing The Dragon is no exception. I think it’s an unwritten rule that if you play MMO RPGs then you’re a fan of Dio, so what could possibly be better than killing dragons to Killing The Dragon. Think on that.

Machine Head

The Black Procession 10″


I know, New Wave Of American Heavy Metal is quite a mouth full for a musical movement, but that’s exactly what Machine Head have helped to further. Roadrunner will be releasing a 10” on April 16th called The Black Procession, which is the name of their current tour with the likes of All Shall Perish. This fully live release will feature two sides with tracks from their Australian Tour. Metal thunder in the land down under is not something you want to miss, especially when it comes from Machine Head.


Covers Vinyl

Warner Bros.

Cover albums are always spurious, but not in the case of the Deftones. Their last cover and remix album, B-sides & Rarities, was full of solid tracks and a few surprisingly good covers. Being that they are a consistent band, it’s fair to assume this will be no different—perhaps even better. Given their confidence when giving this album the title Covers, I’m certain that it will deliver. This album will feature some of the same tracks from their other cover/remix album as well as a few really cool new ones to keep fans on their toes.

Built To Spill

Ripple 7″ Picture Disc

Warner Bros.

Indie rock luminaries, Built to Spill have mastered the art of putting an audience on edge and at ease at the same time with songs like “Would Hurt A Fly.” Their angular, yet lilting riffs elevate and entrance the listener like some kind of aural narcotic. Ripple, however, will be a little different from their usual style. It’s only one track and it’s an unreleased live cover of a Grateful Dead track, hearing the brilliance of Jerry Garcia being channeled through the fingers Doug Martsch is certainly an interesting prospect. Considering the beards that both individuals have sported, I’m certain that it’ll work out all the best for the fans.


Live At The Old Waldorf (2LP) 2LP White Vinyl


Only few bands can claim to be a part of both the musical movement that preceded them and the one that followed. Television, however, are often considered champions of proto-punk and post-punk. Between Tom Verlaine’s luscious, skeletal melodies and Richard Lloyd’s buttery smooth rhythm sections, Television was one of the most technically skilled bands to come out of the proto-punk era. It’s a wonder that they didn’t achieve much commercial success during their tumultuous early years; however the music world is rife with live recordings showcasing the immense talent of this band and Live At The Old Waldorf will be further evidence. One need only listen to “Marque Moon” to be brought back to the time when this band was at its finest. Such a unique band is certain worth a try for anyone looking to get into something different on Record Store Day.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez

Telesterion CD

Rodriguez Lopez Productions

Omar Rodriguez Lopez or ORL, as I know him, is the mastermind behind each and every Mars Volta album. If you thought his Mars Volta stuff could be atonal, distorted insanity that you absolutely loved, then the Telesterion CD release on Record Store day is worth your heavy consideration. Who doesn’t want to hear one of the most avant-garde and ridiculous songwriters careen off of sonic boundaries only to land on some new uncharted territory that only he would be capable of finding? What makes this album even more of a priority is that it’s a compilation, so there is bound to be something on here to obsess over.

Discordance Axis

The Inalienable Dreamless LP

Hydra Head Records

Record Store Day truly has something for everyone, even a grindcore fan such as myself. Not only is this grindcore but it’s also from New Jersey. This band rocked so hard that the guitarist began to experience seizures from the amplifiers being turned up too loud. How is that not deserving of a vinyl? Dave Witte is known for being part of the original lineup, which is no small boast, considering his extensive career as a session drummer on over 50 albums for various bands. Caveat emptor for all of those that aren’t familiar with grindcore. But to grindcore fans, crawl out of your basements and into to your nearest record store and pick this up on April 16.

Bern & The Brights

Starchild And Lost In The Sea 7” Vinyl


Everyone loves multi-layered sonic tootsie rolls, wrapped up in an accessibility that only the most insidious bands can conjure up, right? Well, Bern & The Brights are here to deliver, and you know what the best part is? They’re from Jersey and have no Springsteen affiliation! On Record Store Day they’re releasing two songs, “Star Child” and “Lost In The Sea,” on a 7” vinyl. They’ll be doing a release party show on the day of, making it possible to hear the songs as well as pick them up on vinyl immediately after.

Foo Fighters

Medium Rare LP 120 gram


If you don’t know who Foo Fighters then you’ve probably never listened to the radio, the merit of which can be debated. But I digress. The band is putting out this LP for Record Store Day, let’s hope that it isn’t anything like its namesake. Who wants half-baked music these days, especially considering the prices of CDs lately? Hopefully, Dave Grohl has put this together with sating the musical bellies of his fans in mind, and given his track record I’d say that that is a safe bet to bank your money on.

Pearl Jam

Vs. LP


The hard rock heroes of the ‘90s are back again with Vs., their 1993 release. This time around it will be a windowed release, meaning it will be released again, but why should that stop anyone from wanting it now? Rumor say it will be newly remastered, as well as contain three bonus tracks of the same classic rock-inflected alternative that fans have come to know and love over past two decades. It definitely sounds like a worthy investment.


Sovereign 12″ LP

Hydra Head

Sludge and doom on Record Store Day? Sign me up. This will be one of the first times this release has been on vinyl since 2001, definitely something worth grabbing seeing as how long it took to make it to vinyl. I can only shudder as I think of the next opportunity anyone will have to grab this in vinyl once it’s out of stock. Better yet, I can hear Scott Kelly/Steve Von Till agonizing, with their mournful screams for as long as it takes for another Neurosis vinyl to hit shelves; definitely a wrath that no one who knows doom would want to incur. Or would they?

The Decemberists

Live At Bull Moose CD


Very few bands can get away with including an accordion in a song, eschewing Weird Al, but these guys actually make it cool. That alone should be enough to make you go out and grab this live disc. Accordion is just not your thing you say? Well, they’re all multi-instrumentalists so there’s bound to be something awesome going on in their mix of indie, folk and rock, and It’s only befitting that a band steeped in folk would be playing live at a place in Maine. It’s almost too perfect for words and certainly awesome enough for a Record Store Day release.

Bouncing Souls

Live At Generation Records LP


New Brunswick’s very own Bouncing Soul’s will also be participating in 2011’s Record Store Day. What could possibly be more awesome than a release for Record Store Day that was recorded in a record store? Not very much, I think. However, this one trumps most of the rest because it’s live and because, let’s face it, it’s the Bouncing Souls. And not much is better than the Bouncing Souls. To make it even more rare and worthy of anyone’s attention it’ll be an acoustic album. Live, acoustic, recorded in a record store for Record Store Day, I smell a pretentious collector’s item…

Sonic Youth

Whore’s Moaning 12″


The label Ume seems to have something for releasing albums that run words that sound like “whore” into the word “moaning.” I’m uncertain whether it’s for laughs or simply a just a joke between Nirvana and Sonic Youth, but, nonetheless, it’s funny to me. Either way, American noise rockers Sonic Youth will be bringing this ear shattering release to a participating record store near you, so go out and grab it. This one-sided 12” will feature seven raucous tracks including some live ones from a tour way, way back in ’93. Certainly this is an item for all those nostalgic fans that were actually around back then, plaid and all.