North Jersey Notes: Process Of Fusion, Steve Bello And More!


Usually, I don’t take referrals from Dave Incognito from Incognito Theory. Let’s face it: the guy has poor taste in music. Then again, he did like every band that I was in, so I might need to rethink that last statement. Anyway, I received an email from rapper, singer and keyboardist Justin “Pof” Sarachik of the band Process Of Fusion saying that Dave referred him to me. Even though my first reaction was to delete it, I decided to be the bigger man and give them a listen. I found that Process Of Fusion was actually pretty good! I got to hear a couple of tracks off of their upcoming EP, The Connections, which will be available sometime this month. The song “Connections” totally had a Linkin Park feel to it, while my favorite track, “Lights in the Sky,” was a little bit more mellow and melodic. Singer Patrick Wakie has an amazing voice!

Process Of Fusion was formed sometime in early 2008. Rapper, singer and keyboardist Justin Sarachik and lead singer and bassist Patrick Wakie had a vision of creating a new sound on the music scene. Now, I’m not sure if I would exactly call their sound new (hello, Linkin Park!), but it’s certainly not being done in this area at the moment. They rounded out the lineup with guitarists Dylan Klein and Rose Couchon, and drummer Terri Caputo. The quintet blended the influences of each member to create a style that they hoped would be unique. Spring 2010 saw the culmination of their work in the release of their debut EP, State of Mind.

This month, Process Of Fusion will be releasing their latest opus, The Connections, which they plan to promote for the rest of 2011. Things are also starting to move for this Staten Island-based band, as they are now being endorsed by Are Easy Clothing. To find out where they are playing next, log onto


The boys from Filter Effect have a new song out! It’s called “Palace Nights” and it rocks! The song is high-energy rock and roll, but most of all; you can hear the maturity of the songwriting in this young band. To give “Palace Nights” a listen, log onto and the let them know what you think.

Steve Bello has released his first single off of his highly anticipated upcoming CD, Go Bezerk!, which he threatens will hit shelves later this month. The new single is called “Surfing To Venus”….Um, Steve, didn’t guitar legend Joe Satriani already do “Surfing With The Alien”? Wasn’t there something more original? Anyhow, as usual, Steve Bello’s guitar work on “Surfing To Venus” was outstanding. Steve also assured me that the song is already getting airplay in Italy and Belgium. But you can give it a listen at

And finally, I just got an email from Steve Brown of Trixter. First, to let me know that Trixter was bringing their rock ‘n’ roll circus to Murphy’s Third Rail in Dover, NJ next Friday, April 29, and secondly, Trixter is recording a brand new CD, which will include the songs “Drag Me Down,” “Save Your Soul” and “The Coolest Thing.” This will mark the first all-original Trixter studio CD in 19 years! This untitled project is due to set sail at the end of 2011. If you’d like to keep track of Steve Brown and the rest of Trixter, log onto

That’s all for now! If your band is from North Jersey, and you want some exposure, send your press kits to Arts Weekly, c/o Tim Louie P.O. Box 1140 Little Falls, NJ 07424, or you can email me at, where you can also let me know where you’re performing next!

Just remember: we’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!

Tim Louie is the Author of S**t Happens.

NJN Concert Calendar:

4/22—(Damn) This Desert Air—The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

4/22—Ghosts of Eden—Klub 45 Room, NYC

4/22—Lyken21/A Pale Horse Named Death/Seventh Void/Mindswitch—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/23—Thank You Scientist—Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

4/27—Steve Brown—The Copper Bottom, Florida, NY

4/28—Steve Brown—The Firehouse Eatery, Rahway, NJ

4/29—Charetta—Ace of Clubs, NYC

4/29—Trixter/9 Circles/Jaded Past/100 to One—Murphy’s Third Rail, Dover, NJ

5/5—ZO2/UFO—Club Loaded, Farmingdale, NY

5/6—ZO2/Sweet Cyanide/Wildstreet/Jesse Blaze Snyder—Gramercy Theater, NYC

5/7—Full Moon Fever—Rattlesnake Ranch Café, Denville, NJ

5/9—A Clean Getaway—Angels and Kings, NYC