Lamb Of God @ Irving Plaza

NEW YORK, NY—Lamb Of God performed at a sold-out show at Irving Plaza recently to celebrate the release of their new album, Resolution. It was a very intimate show and while the band is more than capable of playing larger venues, they chose Irving Plaza because Randy Blythe said this is how they started, playing at clubs such as CBGB’s and The Wetlands. The band was introduced by the metal channel on Sirius/XM which was over three minutes long. Toward the end of those three minutes, the crowd didn’t seem too happy with the introduction and they started to yell and boo the DJs.

Shortly thereafter, Lamb Of God took the stage and performed a slew of new songs like “Desolation,” “The Undertow,” “The Number Six,” and “Ghost Walking,” as well as tracks that put them on the map such as “Walk With Me In Hell,” “Set To Fail,” “Contractor,” “Laid To Rest”, “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For,” and “Ruin.” Closing out the show was “Redneck,” and “Black Label,” both of which tore the pit up and sent fans moshing in every direction possible, making for a great pit to watch from above.

Blythe took the time between songs to talk about the Super Bowl and gave props to the Patriots, which wasn’t the best idea in front of a New York crowd so he naturally deserved the boos he received—though it was all in good fun.

Randy also spoke about how they’ve played at Madison Square Garden with Metallica just a few blocks away, but really belong in smaller venues to be closer to the fans. Lamb Of God are easily on their way to becoming one of the top selling metal artists, given their last album debuted at number two on the Billboard charts.