North Jersey Notes: Robbin’ Pain, Cashmier, Killcode and More!

ROBBIN’ PAIN—Midland Park, NJ

Robbin’ Pain guitarist Rick DalCortivo recently reached out to me letting me know about his band’s debut CD, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. When you listen to this CD, you’ll know why they can’t have nice things! The CD is pure, raw, classic punk rock that follows the traditions of The Ramones and The Clash. I listened to a few tracks off of This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, and it wasn’t bad at all. A few noticeable tracks include “Garage Rock,” “Junkollector,” and my favorite track, “Piece Of Shit.” I mean, punk is punk, right? They might not be the greatest musicians in the world, but it’s raw and it rocks!

Robbin’ Pain was formed out of the suburbs of Midland Park in North Jersey by singer and guitarist Scott Walker, lead guitarist Rick DalCortivo, bassist Dave “D” Ranges, and drummer Scott “Fat Borch” Borchert. The quartet found a way to combine old-fashioned rock with punk, doo-wop, and blues. How the hell does that happen? Their unique sound has garnered many fans from all over the North Jersey region. Since forming, they’ve played everywhere North Jersey has to offer—from their garage to Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ, where they’ll be performing on March 16.

You can obtain This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things at for a donation of a dollar or more. That’s a pretty interesting concept, but totally worth whatever cash you want to donate. Robbin’ Pain will be performing all over the Tri-State Area to promote their debut CD, so keep an eye out for where they’re playing next at


Looks like the new reality TV show being based out of Old Bridge, NJ’s Aarius Rehearsal and Recording Studios has finally chosen a band to feature on their show after a long audition. The show, which is being tentatively titled Getting The Band Back Together, has chosen the band Cashmier as the band they will be making over, promoting, and managing on the show. The reality show is currently being shopped to major networks, but you can check out the demo of the show on YouTube. For more info on this upcoming reality show, contact Aarius Studios at

I know that I just wrote about these guys last week, but some more fun stuff is happening for them. My boys from Killcode recently had a song featured in the documentary called Dressed. The song is called “Breaking Away” and the production company actually filmed the Killcode boys performing the song acoustically on a NYC rooftop. The video for “Breaking Away” premieres online today! For more on Killcode, log onto or catch them live this Saturday night (2/25) at Ollie’s Point in Amityville, NY.

And finally, I’ve been talking up my BFF Roy Brunston’s nameless band for weeks, which also features my old Smoke Star drummer Chris Manfre, and my former Mean Venus and Sik Twisted Smile guitarist, Marcelo Cardosa. Well, the band finally has a name, and they’re calling themselves Audio Machine. The good news doesn’t end there! They’ve also finally landed a singer in George Orlando, who according to Roy is the son of Tony Orlando, but I doubt it. The boys are currently recording material for their debut CD and hope to have some songs up on their Facebook page soon! So check their page out in a bit to give them a listen! Trust me, you won’t be let down!

That’s all for now! If your band is from North Jersey, and you want some exposure, send your press kits to Arts Weekly, c/o Tim Louie P.O. Box 1140, Little Falls, NJ 07424, or you can email me at, where you can also let me know where you’re performing next!

Just remember: We’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!


Tim Louie is the Author of S**t Happens.


NJN Concert Calendar:

2/23—The Toasters—The Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ

2/23—Spoonfed/Dropdown/Lucifers Limited Company—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

2/23—Steve Brown—Travotos Due, Oakland, NJ

2/24—A Lesson In Violence/God Forbid/Generation Kill/Darkness Descends/Doomsday Prophecy—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

2/24—Steve Brown and Dennis Zimmer—Sand Bar, Brielle, NJ

2/25—Killcode—Ollie’s Point, Amityville, NY

2/25—Shadowplay—Hebe Music, Mount Holly, NJ

2/25—Steve Brown and the Fallout—Pellegrinos, North Haledon, NJ

2/27—We Are Defiance/This Romantic Tragedy/The Last Of Our Kind/Speaking The Kings/Beyond Their Beliefs—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

2/28–My Ticket Home/Casino Madrid/That’s Outrageous/Hold Your Grudge/The Gift Of Ghosts/To Emerald City/Consider It Personal—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/1–Beyond Dishonor/Deception Theory/Ashes Of Your Enemy/Once My Way—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/2—BlackOcean/Ripped—The Blue Room, Secaucus, NJ

3/2—Mike June—Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

3/2—Regalia—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/3—Steve Brown And The Fallout—Willie McBrides II, Branchburgh, NJ

3/8—Hate Eternal/Cerebral Bore/Digested Flesh/SlasherThroat/Necroptic Engorgement/Doomsday Prophecy/Torturous Inception—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/8—Steve Brown and Dennis Zimmer—Sands Casino, Bethlehem, PA

3/9—“ROCKIT FEST Day 1” with Famous Monsters/Gas NYC/DMZ/Darrow Chemical Co.—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/9—Steve Brown—Grasshopper Too, Wayne, NJ

3/10—“ROCKIT FEST Day 2” with Damaged Goods/The Dirty Stayouts/SHAT/VoodooTerror Tribe/Fistacuffs—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/10—Steve Brown And The Fallout—Beachcomber, Seaside Heights, NJ