Good Old War: Come Back As Rain

The third album from the Pennsylvania trio, Good Old War, is one pleasing track after another and is as pure as the grass after a storm. The melodious folk three-piece’s Come Back As Rain, keeps the dreary feeling of some of their song’s motifs from overtaking the release with their up-tempo instrumentals and airy vocal tones. The opening, “Over And Over,” is one of those motivational like songs that are encouraging after a breakup. In contrast to their sadder songs, “Amazing Eyes” is a sweet and romantic piece that warms the heart after the jovial “Calling Me Names.” Following the sugary piece is the soulful “Better Weather.” Complete with hand-claps and an overall positive message, Good Old War reminds that with a little hope, things can get better. The guitar solo in “Touch The Clouds (Taste The Ground)” helps to make it a fun track to put on and dance around to and there’s a strong message behind it.

The use of a cowbell and other percussion instruments in “It Hurts Every Time” along with the overall subject matter and Keith Goodwin’s vocal tone gives the folk trio more of a country twang. Much like the previous songs, “Loud Love” is another cutesy love song on the disc, though maybe a little too cutesy. It’s interesting to hear how the trio’s very different voices work for them rather than against them by creating warm, vocal harmonies. The final track on Come Back As Rain, “Present For The End Of The World,” ended up being the MVP of the disc. The campy finale has the most energy on the release, prompting another listen after the track is over.

In A Word: Soothing