Sam Densmore: Ku-Thar-Tik

Sam Densmore’s latest release is a double EP that features both Sad Songs For A Sad World as well as Cat Years. The lengthy release was a hard thing to listen to because, in total, there are 17 songs on one disc and Densmore’s voice starts to take its toll on the ears after awhile. Despite the whiny tone of his voice, Densmore can play the hell out of his guitar and features songs that most people can relate to. I’ll admit, if quirky singer-songwriters aren’t your cup of tea, I’d stay away from him but if you’re all about nasally vocalists who sorta remind you of Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, you’ll appreciate his style. Cat Years has a more produced sound whereas Sad Songs For A Sad World seems a bit more natural and less compressed.

Personally, Cat Years seems stronger than the previous release on the disc. Perhaps it’s due to Densmore not being as dry in his recording, but it certainly is an improvement. Songs like “As 4 The 2 Of U” has more emotion than most of the songs on Sad Songs For A Sad World, and is also completely tolerable to listen to. Sam Densmore adds a bit of romance into Cat Years during “Laura’s Song,” which is a sweet, acoustic piece to soften up the semi-harsh second EP. The longest piece, “Grandmas Art” ended up being my favorite with the simple drum beat and Southern feel.

Listen to both releases before deciding where you stand when it comes to Sam Densmore and his Sad Songs For A Sad World and Cat Years. And even though both releases will appeal to a certain type of person, you might be surprised with what you might find on them.

In A Word: Acceptable