My Radio’s latest release, Starts In The East/Falls In The West, is one of the better independent indie pop records of the year. Starting off, the quartet seemed a little shy and soft, as heard in the beginning of “600 MPH.” The mellow and melancholy beginning of the starting track combated with the music box-like keys added a bit of mystery of what was to come from the Virginia four-piece. However, midway through the song, My Radio turns up the energy and attitude and explodes into a slew of distorted vocals and synths. My Radio tackles some social issues in a way that’s not so in your face, but relatable across the board. “Aliens” has all the elements to be the outcasts theme in a John Hughes movie. Hooky yet angst-filled lyrics, raging guitars and spacey synths show off My Radio’s full potential early on in the release.

Although many tracks on My Radio have similar elements, each piece brings its own uniqueness to the album. Generally speaking, fans of Phoenix would probably enjoy My Radio, given that both bands produce fresh, fun, and flashy songs. “Life Moves On” has a retro pop flare, but with a timeless theme that is only accented by the fullness of the vocals. My Radio shows that there is more to them other than poppy jams that’ll get the night started right. “Take Me To Mars” and “Something New” slow things down to end Starts In The East/Falls In The West. Sweet and simple melodies and harmonies tie the release together, making it almost impossible to get tired of this album.

In A Word: Perfect

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