Native American activist and American Indian Movement member Leonard Peltier was convicted of the murder of two FBI agents in 1977 and sentenced to two life terms in prison. Lack of evidence and the obstruction of a key Native American shooting witness to testify has led to the large controversy regarding this case and many support groups to free Leonard Peltier, including the upcoming Bring Leonard Peltier Home concert, backs this cause. Musical artists such as country rock singer Jackson Browne, folk rock artist Bruce Cockburn, Native American singers Jennifer Kreisberg and Bill Miller, and other folk and Native American musicians will perform at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan on Dec. 14.

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  1. James Simon

    “I seen Joe when he pulled it out of the trunk and I looked at him when he put it on, and he gave me a smile.”

    Leonard Peltier, standing over the bodies of Jack Coler and Ron Williams moments after their heads were blown off, commenting on Joe Stuntz wearing Jack Coler’s green FBI jacket, as quoted from Peter Matthiessen’s, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse.

    “Peter, you put my life in jeopardy and you put the lives of my family in jeopardy by putting that bullshit in your books. Why didn’t you call me and ask me if it was true?”
    Dean Butler, busting the Mr. X story, Peltier’s only alibi, as a complete hoax promoted by Peter Matthiessen.

    “The motherfucker was begging for his life but I shot him anyway.”
    Leonard Peltier, boasting in the Marlon Brando motor home to Dennis Banks, Ka-Mook Banks, Bernie Lafferty, and (soon-to-be-murdered) Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.


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