Erick Baker: Goodbye June

Goodbye June can be described as a collection of poetic lyrics embedded in soothing and pensive melodies that are influenced by Erick Baker’s native Tennessee sound. Just from his first song, “In Love With A Lie,” can be derived the essence of his art; heartfelt and touching that produces connections with listeners of all ages. Much of his latest album consists of simple electric and acoustic guitar pieces, as well as vocals aching with passion for lyrics that force those listening to sway to the music. Heavy Southern tones are eminent throughout the whole album, but Baker also mixes a more contemporary feel into tracks such as the fourth one, “Goodbye June,” which has a more upbeat tempo. Baker also tests his vocal range in “Goodbye June” by hitting higher notes and displaying more power in his voice.

Many of his pieces develop a melancholy feel to them, as he describes instances of love and stories of past experiences. “Nothing At All,” the last number on the record, best shows this through its slowed down tempo and its incorporation of soft piano playing along with an acoustic guitar intro. It perfectly wraps up the album and portrays Baker’s warm and profound songwriting. In contrast, the sixth track, “Night And Day,” has a brighter and more cheery sense to it, although it is soft and acoustic.

Though he shows musical range in the compositions of Goodbye June, the music always contains a heartfelt feel to it, no matter what variation. Upbeat or melancholy, he connects with audiences through devotion for his lyrics. A talented poet and musician, Baker has put together an assortment of music that will leave anyone pondering life and its recourses.

In A Word: Reflective