Nicholas Altobelli: Without A Home

Even musicians sometimes run into the so-called “writer’s block,” and a pinch of creativity is necessary for them to get going again. After a few months of trying to write what would become Without A Home, indie folk singer Nicholas Altobelli began to feel that something was wrong. “Something didn’t feel right,” he recalled. Then, after teaming up with songwriter Salim Nourallah, he was able to finish the album in a few short weeks, and will finally be able to release it at the end of next month.

Altobelli claims Without A Home was strongly influenced by a deep depression and anxiety disorder that had been plaguing him relentlessly. “The Lucky Ones” is by no means an uplifting song, as Altobelli seems to be complaining about the current state of his life. “Why can’t we be the lucky ones?” is perhaps his wistful dreaming about what it would be like living without an illness or disorder. The backing vocals, however, seem to be a symbol of support, and appear to be trying to let him know that he’s not all alone in his life. The keys in “Glitter” certainly bring contrast in comparison with the first track, and provide the tempo for a much more lively melody. Signs of Altobelli’s problems are scattered all about the album, with “I Don’t Think Tonight Is Going To Be A Good Night,” “Over My Head,” “Never Enough,” and “I Just Want To Feel Real” all hinting at deep internal troubles.

Without A Home feels like Altobelli is simply trying to talk to someone and tell them about his problems and troubles. While sometimes we turn to music to forget about our worries, Altobelli has instead decided to write about his pain and difficulties in the hope that this would help heal his burns and scars.

In A Word: Expressive