All Sensory Void: Relax Man… You’re Actually Just Energy Condensed To A Slow Vibration

All Sensory Void is the solo endeavor of Eric Goldberg, formerly of New Jersey’s The Nico Blues. The vocalist and guitarist took quite a leap with his debut EP, Relax Man…You’re Actually Just Energy Condensed To A Slow Vibration, as he played all the instruments on the release and provided both the lead and supporting vocals. The six-song EP is an impressive one given the amount of work that must have gone into it seeing as how Goldberg had to learn drums in order to perform them on the tracks. Each number on the album provides its own unique burst of energy despite having an overall mellow vibe. Despite its differences, there is a certain familiarity in sound that All Sensory Void and The Nico Blues share; perhaps it’s the overlapping vocal style or powerhouse guitar riffs. Even with the comparison, All Sensory Void stands on its own with Goldberg’s skillfully crafted lyrics and signature vocal style.

Sweet and sultry, “Missing The Carriage” is easily the cut that brightens up the whole release whereas “Essentially Existential” provides the spice that really ties the whole collection together. “My Euphony” brings the softer side of All Sensory Void into play. Sadly, Goldberg’s voice becomes a bit too whiny during this jam, which is a shame because it has a pretty powerful punch. Relax Man…You’re Actually Just Energy Condensed To A Slow Vibration ends with the bittersweet, slightly romantic “Too Little, Too Late.”

For a debut release, All Sensory Void crafted an impressive EP. It goes without saying that there’s some excitement brewing for what the one-man band has coming up.

In A Word: Fresh