North Jersey Notes: The Infinite Staircase, She Said Fire, Lower The Veil and More!

My boy Smitty was telling me that he ran into Lenny and Jeff Cerzosie of the band The Infinite Staircase a few weeks ago after a Candlebox show in NYC. Now, these guys, Lenny and Jeff, recently did something absolutely amazing and totally cool. They recently collaborated on a song called “The Pride” to benefit the victims affected by Hurricane Sandy. Here’s where the “totally cool” part comes in: Who did they collaborate with on this song? Well, a couple of Jersey guys named Zakk Wylde and J.D. DeServio from Black Label Society, a little drummer named Morgan Rose from Sevendust, and singer Kevin Martin from Candlebox. The song is pretty amazing with a great melody and a really catchy hook. This is one hell of a collaboration for a good cause!

According to their bio, The Infinite Staircase formed sometime around 2002 by the Cerzosie brothers, who are now joined with bassist Jared Hreha. The band has been managing themselves from the very beginning and over the years, it seems that lady luck has been on their side. They’ve managed to get themselves featured on Fuse TV, perform on comedian Jim Breuer’s Sirius Satellite Radio show, and in 2009, appeared on a national tour opening for Black Label Society, Sevendust and Dope. Using this momentum, The Infinite Staircase would end up sharing the stage with some top-notch acts like Candlebox, Korn, Hellyeah, Alter Bridge, Otep and Bloodsimple. Also in 2009, The Infinite Staircase would release their debut full-length CD, The Road Less Taken, a 13-track disc that includes guest appearances by former Poison guitarist Blues Saraceno, and legendary David Bowie and John Lennon guitarist Earl Slick. The CD helped put The Infinite Staircase on the map!

In June 2012, Morgan Rose sat in on drums for The Infinite Staircase in the studio for what was supposed to be only one or two songs, but now has flourished into a full-fledged partnership for everyone involved to continue collaborating and begin work on the band’s next CD. The brothers will be heading into Architekt Studios in Butler with Rose, but they promise more collaborations to be announced in the near future, as they hope to drop a four-song EP of some of these new tracks sometime this year. For now, you can download “The Pride” on iTunes with all of the proceeds going to the Carl V. Bini Memorial Foundation, and will be distributed to the families in need. For more info on The Infinite Staircase, log onto



The gang from New York City’s She Said Fire are finally ready to release their debut EP, Boom! The band says that they’re super excited about this EP release and can’t wait till fans get a taste of what She Said Fire are all about. The band is celebrating the release of Boom! with a CD release party at The Studio At Webster Hall on April 12. Also performing are January Jane, Midnight Mob, Brand Of Julez and the debut NYC performance of former Scarlet Carson singer and my bro, Santino Noir. For more info on She Said Fire and their EP release party, log onto

A couple of weekends ago, my band BlackOcean and our bros from Panzie*, Bone Devil and Lower The Veil tore the roof off of The Boneyard in Atlantic City. What a great reception for some bands unknown in the AC area! This place was packed. Anyway, my boys Lower The Veil set the bar early with a killer opening set, but what really caught my attention was their last song, “The Kings Rule.” This track was awesome, and it was heavy with many tempo changes! In fact, the song was so good that I wish I wrote it. From what I was told, this is the first of many new songs from the Veiled ones. Stay in touch with Lower The Veil at

And finally, how is this for a big announcement? So, the gang from the Old Bridge Metal Militia, Rock N’ Roll Heaven, and the legendary Jonny Z recently announced an amazing, highly-anticipated reunion show and fundraiser to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy set for May 11 at The Encore in Freehold. Who’s playing this highly-anticipated concert? Well, I’m glad you asked! A band called The Rods, a local favorite in the Lords Of Mercy, the return of Anvil and Raven, and the mighty Twisted Sister! Now that is an amazing lineup! Tickets and VIP packages can be bought on Ticketmaster, but to learn more about this show, log onto

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Just remember….We’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!

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NJN Concert Calendar:

3/20—Steve Brown and Dennis Zimmer—Sona Thirteen, Morristown, NJ

3/21—Thanatotic Desire/Leech/Canopy Veil—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/21—Steve Brown and Dennis Zimmer—Blackthorn, Parsippany, NJ

3/22—Kosmic Daydream—Hat City Kitchen, Orange, NJ

3/23—Wrath of Killenstein/Ixion Lux/Division 1.1/Eve Disaster/Ashes Of Your Enemy—Roxy and Dukes Roadhouse, Dunellen, NJ

3/23—Dead Fish Handshake/Statik Silence/Gathering After Ashes/Crewman Number Six/Moises Christopher—Crossroads, Garwood, NJ

3/23—The Mike Bino Project/Tango Down/Crossing Rubicon—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/23—Steve Brown and the Fallout—Shannon Rose, Clifton, NJ

3/24—Venus Vegas/Casualty/Long Gone Day/XNY—Sullivan Hall, NYC

3/24—Close2Death/Pocketful/Pyramada/Perception/Vextion/Black Tooth Grin/DJ Var Lynn After Hours/Last Call—The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

3/24—Faster Pussycat/The Art/Big Hair Daze/Bad Habbit/Operatika Element—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/26—Steve Brown and Dennis Zimmer—The Exchange, Rockaway, NJ

3/28—Nuse—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/28—Rip Kings Acoustic Trio—Prospect Tavern, Madison, NJ

3/29—Murphy’s Law /Stigma/Brick By Brick/The Last Stand/Stagnant Life/Darrow Chemical Company/Skunk Daze—The Blue Room, Secaucus, NJ

3/29—Steve Brown and the Rip Kings—Blue Moon, Wyckoff, NJ

3/30—Dead Fish Handshake/New Theory/Beyond Visible/Gathering After Ashes/Reach—The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

3/30—Steve Brown and the Fallout—The Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown, NJ

3/30—Aurin—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/5—Audio Machine/Cycle Of Pain—The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

4/6—Sexy Heroes/Mindfire/Brand Of Juliez/trnzprnt/Earthbound—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/7—Downlow Nyhc/InDisguise/Devil Haus—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/11—Steve Brown and Terry Farley—Thatcher McGhee’s, Denville, NJ

4/12—Cycle Of Pain/Black Water Rising/Sekond Skyn/BlackOcean—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/20—Steve Brown and the Fallout—The Grasshopper Too, Wayne, NJ