Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal

Bring Me The Horizon’s fourth album on a major label, Sempiternal, shows the band trying out different sounds with their original metalcore background. The opener, “Can You Feel My Heart,” has some electronic pieces mixed in that don’t really add substance to the song; however, even without the auxiliary parts, the song would be just as strong. After the lighter opener, Bring Me The Horizon head in the complete opposite direction with “The House Of Wolves.” The group’s need for diversity pits thrilling riffs and harsh community vocals against a softer piano section with a light and harmonious “brick by brick by brick” being thrown into the mix. Throughout Sempiternal, it has been easy to see that BMTH have evolved both lyrically and instrumentally while trying new things, which can work for or against a band. However, the British quintet doesn’t disappoint, as older and newer fans alike will be able to get behind the band’s latest effort.

As far as energy is concerned, Sempiternal varies. There are thrashtastic cuts that will strike up fists and anarchy like “Crooked Young,” and others are a bit more harmonious and softer but still pack a punch. The finale is the longest song on the release and features the best melodies on the album. “Hospital For Souls” is the perfect closure to an already strong album. Bring Me The Horizon really nailed Sempiternal.

In A Word: Diverse