Dexys: One Day I’m Going To Soar

One Day I’m Going To Soar is the fourth studio album from the English-Irish band Dexys, which was formed in 1978 by two past members of The Killjoys. The group was previously called Dexys Midnight Runners, but shortened their name when a new six-person lineup was established after a 17-year breakup ended in 2003. Dexys underwent many ups and downs since their formation, but this LP was made with the intent to put them back on the radar.

Even though the cast is slightly different, the collection has the same Irish soulful sound as their earlier projects. However, this record is incredibly personal and genuine, and contains the ongoing themes of the elusiveness of love and the tension between the English and the Irish. All the tracks are sung in a very distinct accent, which adds depth to the record. The opener, “Now,” is about how growing up means losing the blissful ideas of love. Some songs feature spoken intimate poems about vocalist Kevin Rowland’s terrible romantic luck while relaxing yet somber music plays in the background. One of those, “Incapable Of Love,” features a couple’s argument about their relationship, and contains the heartbreaking lyrics, “Yes I know, I’m incapable of marriage and commitment and I’m sorry to say/I’m incapable of love.” On the closing track, the singer decides that love is just not for him with the tragic chorus, “It’s not the end of the world, it doesn’t matter if I’m alone.”

This album accomplishes what the new Dexys were aiming for. “She’s Got A Wiggle,” one of two singles off this compilation, is not as catchy as Dexys’ best known tune, “Come On Eileen,” but it is melodic nonetheless. The LP is an excellent comeback effort by the band, and although it is somewhat melancholic, it is a well-needed dose of authenticity.

In A Word: Genuine