Kat Quinn: Kind Of Brave

Kat Quinn received her first guitar at age 15, and she taught herself how to play her favorite songs. She wrote her first original melody while attending the University Of Notre Dame, where she majored in Spanish literature and peace studies, instead of music. However, after college she moved to New York, and is now pursuing her musical dream.

Her first EP, Kind Of Brave, is a modest four songs in length, but it allows Quinn to show off her charming songwriting skills and her perky, Zooey Deschanel-like voice. The release starts off with the title-track, which features a ukulele and soft piano playing throughout. Her voice bobs up and down, creating a relaxing, beachy tune. “The Girl Who Used To Live Here” is a step into a darker direction, with Quinn’s voice latching on to each note, all the while being accented by tambourines. The delightful heartache continues with “Nothing Fair About A Fairytale,” which is about the villains of the beloved stories. Easily the best track, “The Door” hauntingly closes the record, as it includes ethereal choruses of layered echoes, as well as church-like “oohs.”

Even though she has a bubbly coffeehouse voice, Kat Quinn expands beyond the familiar. She uses the ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano and more to place the focus on her voice. As her debut collection, Kind Of Brave is incredibly well done, and shows that Quinn has potential to be a great singer-songwriter in the future.

In A Word: Peppy