Periphery: Juggernaut: Omega

Sharing the same day for a dual release with their album Juggernaut: Alpha, Periphery also created the seven-track Juggernaut: Omega. While Juggernaut: Alpha has a multitude of sounds and styles, Juggernaut: Omega has a very serious and heavy tone throughout its songs. Periphery’s musical variation is commendable, especially when listening to the albums in succession. “The Bad Thing” is a prime example of the band’s transition from uniquely mixing notes to hard-hitting beats. In each number Periphery use intense guitar riffs with steady bass and drums to maintain their unique sound. The album’s seriousness remains consistent within each song. In “Priestess,” lead singer Spencer Sotelo is able to convey a massive amount of emotion in the slow-paced track. Among other pieces, the band’s differentiating tempos highlight their skills and individual style.

The album drifts between calm and rapid throughout the seven songs, all while maintaining distinct progressive metal sounds. Periphery’s clarity and precision is always constant in each track, threading the record together in perfect succession. Although there are only seven pieces, each one reveals a deep story. Juggernaut: Omega has a riveting sound that any metal fan can appreciate. Periphery are able to project a vast amount of musical diversity within everything they create.

In A Word: Advanced