In today’s industry, a band’s image is just as important as their music, but Battle Beast have nothing to worry about. They have their image, and that’s one of a lion-like humanoid warrior fighting through a Hellish world of fire and robots. Unholy Savior, their most recent album, continues this Herculean epic with what Megadeth would call a “Symphony of Destruction.”

While most bands have songs that will clearly be singles, the same can’t be said for Unholy Savior. This is largely because every track is strong enough to stand on its own and catchy enough to make alternative radio play, whether it’s the power metal standards, like “Lionheart” and “Unholy Savior,” the ballads, like “Sea Of Dreams” and “The Black Swordsman,” or the metal anthems “Far Far Away” and “Madness.”

One of the highlights of this album is vocalist Noora Louhimo’s range. She can effortlessly switch between her alto singing voice and lower, raspy uncleans, giving Lacey Mosely of Flyleaf some stiff competition. This is heard in “Speed And Danger,” which also hosts an amazing dual guitar/keytar solo mixing the fast-paced riffing of heavy metal with the notation of baroque and classical music.

Unholy Savior is one victorious fanfare after the next in this 45-minute barrage of guitars, drums, bass, vocals, and keys. Whether you like heavy metal, big cats or neither, Battle Beast’s record deserves a spin or two from everyone.

In A Word: Heroic

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