Maria’s Local Radar: Atlas Bloom

Music lovers, friends, avid readers, we are back. Wednesday is once again upon us, and it’s time to chat music. Just a reminder, if you have any events coming up, new music being released, or just a band you’d like me to hear about, be sure to share your knowledge with me! You can email me at; I am always looking for feedback and suggestions on some new stuff!

Hopefully your summer is in full swing like mine, seeing bands all over the place. Shows on my radar consist of Incubus, Foo Fighters, recently interviewed Royal Blood, Bleachers, The Front Bottoms, and of course, all of the local hangouts each and every weekend.

This week, I am going to chat about a band that I am literally just getting into, as we speak. In fact, as I am writing this article, I am learning more about them. They are fresh on my mind, buzzing on the scene, and deserve a little spotlight shed on them. They will be sharing the stage at The Saint in Asbury Park with one of my favorite local artists, Bobby Mahoney. I love finding out about new talent through acts that I already support, for I know if they are working together, they must both be supportive of the local music scene. Not to sing Bobby’s praises, but I am confident he knows how to put a good show together, so I immediately knew I would like this band. You may or may not have heard of them, but after today, hopefully they will be a repeat offender on your summer playlist. They go by the name of Atlas Bloom. I am not sure what the band name means, but hopefully one day I can sit down with these guys, grab a beverage, and discuss it further over an interview. Just read above, you know where to find me! Anyway, I digress; let us proceed, shall we? Buckle up.

Formed back in 2012, Atlas Bloom are an alternative rock band from Watchung, New Jersey, with Andrew Funcheon on vocals, drums and piano, Josh November on bass, and Eric Tapper on guitars. I’ve never been to Watchung, but there must be something in the water, because I have heard of a few awesome acts from there as of late! This power trio has a very distinct sound that will keep your ears glued to the music. Their debut album, First Light, was released back in March of 2014, and they’ve been on full speed ever since, promoting, playing shows, and building their fan base. They cite some of their influences of many of my personal favorites, such as Muse, Incubus, Jeff Buckley, and many more. Imagine a little something from every one of those acts, fused into one group, and this is what we’ve got here and now.

The first track of theirs that got my tail wagging is called “Before We Begin.” It’s definitely the perfect track to open the record and grab your attention. I love the lyrics, the music, and everything about this tune. Their talent is showcased fresh off the bat, and you will see what I mean when you take a listen. I feel a lot of people could relate to this song, stating, “Commit your lonely crime, hanging from my vine, stop and start again, I don’t wanna be done.” Take it as you want and put your own meaning behind it, as this band is very relatable. Andrew did a great job writing this track. Another one for you to indulge in is “Burn,” which is very personal. If you like a little darker side, check this tune out.

Atlas Bloom should continue to make music, for I find something fresh and innovative in their style and sound. I am looking forward to seeing their live performance and solidifying my thoughts on them, as I know they won’t prove me wrong. They are in the home stretch of a summer tour, so be sure to check out their dates and try to catch them while you can!

To learn more about Atlas Bloom, access their music, photos, videos and more, be sure to like them on their Facebook page at They also have an awesome official website at, so be sure to spread the love, and tell them Maria sent you!

Until next week, my friends, keep supporting your local music scene.