North Jersey Notes: Jernee Mill

JERNEE MILL – Sayreville, NJ

When I think of Jernee Mill, the road that leads to the Starland Ballroom immediately comes to mind. Now, there’s a band from Sayreville using that road as their band name. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, marketing-wise. I do, however, have a really good friend and bass brother in Andrew “Rockin’” Rohloff playing in this band, so obviously, I gave it a listen.

Jernee Mill is a five-piece alt-folk and Americana band that brings a Jersey attitude to each performance. The songwriting is rich with great vocal arrangements and melodic hooks that keep the audience engaged on the storytelling side of things. Jernee Mill combines their influences of Springsteen, Dylan, Petty, the Lumineers, Brian Fallon, and the Gaslight Anthem to bring a fresh brand of storytelling to the astute music fans of Central New Jersey (yes, it does exist!) and the Jersey Shore. Jernee Mill was formed in late 2017 by two brothers, guitarist Shaun Turner and drummer Keith Turner, with their cousin and guitarist Kyle Zielinski and life-long friend and lead singer, Jenn Wagner. Late last year, the quartet joined forces with Jersey music scene vet, Andrew “Rockin’” Rohloff, who many will remember from his heavier bands, Life Without Warning, Statik Silence, and Ronin. Since forming, the band has worked non-stop on their writing skills in session and with studio work, as they have created their earliest tracks at Exeter Studios in Freehold, and most recently at Firedog Studios in Spotswood, NJ.

Andrew hit me up a few weeks ago and told me he was playing bass again in this new project that was unlike anything he’s ever played in before. So, I gave Jernee Mill a listen on Spotify, where I got to hear the songs “Heartbreak,” “Empty Throne,” “Get Out While You Can” and my favorite track, “Small Talk.” I have to admit that I really love the folk-Americana sound these guys have, and singer Jenn Wagner really brings it home with her Joplin-esque vocals. I really enjoyed the song “Small Talk” a lot and see that as being a good radio song for Jernee Mill. You can catch the band live at—you guessed it!— the Starland Ballroom on June 11 with Hinder or check them out online at




The Dark Sky Choir boys recently released their new music video for their song “Static Death” off of the band’s newly released End of Days album. The video features new guitarist Ira Black. I think I might have even seen former guitarist Freddy Gorhau make a cameo in the new video. “Static Death” was directed by Disturbed bassist John Moyer and Paul Gervasi. Moyer also plays bass for Dark Sky Choir when he’s available. Catch the guys from Dark Sky Choir now on the road with Bobaflex. Find a date nearest you on and check out the video for “Static Death” on YouTube…. Speaking of new music videos, my band Rahway just released our brand new music video for our song “Jessie” off our latest album Undefeated. This will be the last video off that record since the band is currently in the studio working on a new EP with Adrenaline Mob guitarist Mike Orlando, tentatively titled Slumlords of New Jersey. The “Jessie” video shows a running board of missing people since the song is about a girl who was abducted in Florida and left as alligator food in the swamps. The song has an incredible hook, so be careful when listening. The video for “Jessie” now streaming on YouTube, and for more on Rahway, visit…. And finally, one band that I’m dying to hear more about is the Disciples of Verity featuring Corey Glover from Living Colour, Corey Pierce from God Forbid, and my very own bass and unicorn-loving brother, George Pond from Negative Sky. Since we’re on the topic of new music videos, the band recently wrapped up the filming of their first music video. So, keep an eye out for that. I got to hear a song called “The Flow” and it rocks! There are heavy guitar riffs, sick grooves, and thunderous drumming, which I am told was supplied by Morgan Rose from Sevendust! Keep an eye out for these guys! For more info on Disciples of Verity, visit

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