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THE RASKINS – New York City

I thought I wrote about these guys before when they opened for Motley Crue, but after looking back, it looks like I’ve never written about them. Maybe it was because I was jealous that they got to tour with my heroes. I’m talking about The Raskins out of New York City. After finally giving their self-titled album featuring the songs “We Had It All,” “On The Radio,” “Save Me Now,” and “Need Another Hero,” I thought these brothers were pretty talented songwritersmp and am surprised that I haven’t written about these guys sooner. 

Throughout rock history, there have been several brother tandems that have left impressions on the rock world like Don and Phil Everly, Angus and Malcolm Young, Eddie and Alex Van Halen, Dime and Vinnie Abbott, etc. Rock fans, meet the next brother-led rock band that is sure to break through in a big way. Formed several years ago by twins Roger and Logan Raskin, The Raskins originally began as a mere writing project for producer Greg Ladanyi, but after several demos were cut and the Raskin brothers realized they were on to something, it became a permanent proposition, and The Raskins were born. While the majority of today’s chart toppers seem to be sonically one-dimensional, The Raskins are a throwback with a wide-range of influences from Kiss to the Buzzcocks to The Temptations to Mel Torme to Jane’s Addiction. The Raskins leadoff single, “We Had It All,” dropped during their Spring tour with the late Scott Weiland. Songs like “We Had It All,” “Need Another Hero,” and “The Radio Song” show the retro rock side of the band, while songs like “Open Our Eyes,” “Reach,” and “Where Do We Go From Here” show the diversity of the band’s songwriting with acoustic type of pop rock ballads. The Raskins released their self-titled CD back in 2014, where the band saw some dates on the Motley Crue Final Tour. Logan Raskin revealed that both the music and the bond of brotherhood will prevail for The Raskins and that they are playing music because they love it and it’s their passion. The Raskins will be performing live at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ on November 5. So, now is your chance to catch them live for yourselves. For more info on The Raskins or to find out where they are performing next, visit  


Who’s ready for some Dungeon and Dragons Metal? Yes, I made that genre up! My buds from Orbynot released a brand-new music video a couple weeks ago for their song “Shedding Skin” off their latest album, Metal-Morph-Us. There’s a lot of hair blowing around in this video and when you hear it, you’ll no what I mean by D and D Metal. There some great riffs and powerful vocals on this song. Check the video out at YouTube. For more on Orbynot, visit…. My bud, Steve Savona from the bands Intuition, Getaway Car, and The Substance has been quiet for quite some time, but his silence is no more. Back in September, Steve released a killer song that he wrote called “Can You Feel It.” Then in earlier this month he released a song that he recorded with former Intuition bandmate, Tom Gerke, called “Long Road.” Are these signs that Steve Savona has the bug to put out new music? I hope so. The songs he released are not bad at all. For more on Steve Savona recordings, visit…. And finally, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Revel at Dusk, the new band featuring my brothers, John Kosco from Dropbox and Saint Caine, guitarist Vince Sia from Saint Caine, and drummer Cameron Rozell from Lethal Affection, who just welcomed two beautiful twin girls, Lyric Leigh and Lennon Layne, into the world with wife Jenni Spiro. Huge congrats to the Rozell family! Stay tuned to Revel At Dusk at 

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